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Juicy Gemma's phone sex blog - For Diamond9 xxx - 2012-03-26 17:31:36

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I had just started a new job for Mr. Diamond... just doing his accounts and some office duties, but I was keen to impress. I worked in the office with three other girls Leah, Mags and Chantelle. All young girls around the same age as me. I knew they were keen to impress too, and since we knew Mr. Diamond's birthday was coming up we decided to work on a little suprise for him.
When the day of his birthday came around, we waited until he was in his office and unplugged the phones. We were pretty sure he would not get too mad about one or two missed calls when he saw what we had planned. Leah, Mags, Chantelle and I headed for his office and I knocked on the door. We heard Mr. Diamond call us to come in.
'Yes Gemma, what can I do for you?' he asked as I entered first. When he saw the girls following me he looked a bit confused. 'Is everything alright?'
'Everything's fine' I said striding towards him and perching myself on the edge of his big wooden desk. My skirt was riding up quite high now and I knew he was intrigued by what he saw. 'We hope you don't mind, but we thought you needed a little birthday treat'... I smiled and nodded over to Chantelle who pressed play on the CD player we had bought in. Soft, sexy music strted to fill the office and the door clicked tight as Mags turned the key. Leah walked round behind Mr. Diamond and started to massage his shoulders. He groaned and relaxed into it, leaning back in his chair. 'I like this treat so far girls...' he smiled.
Taking Mags by the hand I pulled her towards me so she was standing between my open legs as I sat on the desk. I teasingly and slowly moved my mouth towards hers and started to explore her tongue with mine, gentely biting her lips and moving my fingers through her hair. Her tongue started to repond more urgently and she pressed herself into my body. I could feel her hard nipples pushing into me through her flimsy summer dress and I could feel Mr. Diamond's eyes on us... open mouthed and one hand gentely rubbing the hardness of his cock through his trousers. Leah still working her hands all over his neck and shoulders.
Mags was so turned on she almost didn't feel me undo each button and slide the dress from her. She stood with my legs wrapped around her in just her pink and black silk underwear. She looked amazing. As my hands roamed her skin I noticed Chantelle moving herself so that she was sitting on Mr Diamond's lap. One leg on either side of him. Grinding herself down onto his hard cock. He slid his hands up underneath her blouse and started to squeeze and play with her big, beautiful breasts. Leah lent forward and started to kiss Chantelle with Mr. Diamond sandwiched between them. He still managed to have his eyes firmly on Mags and I though.... which made me very wet indeed. And I decided it was time he got a look at what was underneath that skirt of mine.
As I stood and slowly started to remove my blouse and unzip my skirt to step out of it I moved my body slowly and seductively in time to the music playing, stopping only to reach a hand between mag's legs and rub her wet pussy through the silk of her knickers. When all my clothes were gone I stood there in a black lace bra and a crotchless thong, bought especially for today. My glistening, turned on pussy on display for Mr. Diamond to see. The other girls were gorgeous, but I wanted to be the one he chose to cum inside.
I lay back on the desk, legs open wide... and started to rub my wet pussy. It felt amazing and I was so turned on. But I didn't want to cum just yet. I winked at the girls and they knew that was their signal to get Mr. Diamond nice and ready for me. Leah reached her hands around his front and undid his tie and shirt...pulling them off and kissing his neck softly. Chantelle knelt between his legs and started to unbuckle his trousers, tugging them down along with his underwear to reveal just how hard his cock was. He moaned and reached back to pull Leah in for a long, hard kiss. Mags came up behind Chantelle and held her hair to guide her mouth onto Mr. Diamond's cock. As she moved her mouth all the way down Mr. Diamond groaned even louder and I thought he might cum there and then right down her throat. I knew she was working that tongue expertly by the noises he was making. Mags continued to hold her hair while she reached her other hand over to me, sliding one finger inside my pussy and starting to finger fuck me hard. I was moaning too now. I turned my head and looked at Mr. Diamond. We looked into each others eyes as the three girls got us to near explosion point. 'Are you ready to cum now?' I asked him.
He didn't need to answer. He was on his feet and standing between my legs within seconds. His cock was inside me so quickly it took me by surprise. I gasped at how hard he was and how deep he was screwing me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me. He leant forward so his body was pressed on top of me and started to thrust hard. Mags, Chantelle and Leah surrounded us and I could make out their hands running all over our bodies. But all my pussy wanted right now was Mr. Diamond's cock.
I could feel him throbbing inside me as I started to cum. I cried out as my hot, dripping cum started to cover his cock and run down my thighs. I came hard and my body was still shuddering as I felt him stiffen and thrust urgently as he came inside me. With one final push and a very loud groan, I could feel his sticky load of cum fill me up. It was pumping out over the desk, over my pussy and my legs. It felt amazing.
He collapsed on top of me and we kissed as I whispered 'Happy Birthday sir' in his ear. He laughed and told me what a bad girl I was, but in the sexiest possible way. 'Now...' he said cheekily...'I wonder who is going to clean us up?' and as we looked round at Leah, Chantelle and Mags, we jnew we had three very willing volunteers.
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