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Miss Dirty Cunt's phone sex blog - Second day on the job - 2012-03-15 22:00:23

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Well second day here and loving it. Have had three calls now very dirty indeed. I love being switch as get to enjoy both sides. Anyway, I wrote this for my master today and he gave me permission to post it. I hope all you doms enjoy ;)

my boyfriend caught me having threesomes behind his back and finally confronted me about it. We argued all night long until he grabbed my coat and threw it at me, told me to put on my shoes, and dragged me from our flat, down the three flights of stairs and out into the parking lot. He pushed me up against the car and tied my hands behind my back, gagged and blind folded me and threw me into the passenger seat of the car.

"Where are we going?" I cried. My whole body shaking with fear, but somewhere deep down, aroused by my boyfriends forcefulness.

"Wait and see," he replied through clenched teeth as he put his foot down and sped away.

When the car finally came to a stop he dragged me from the car and took off my blindfold.
I blinked a few times then saw 6 men standing around me, all with their cocks out and wicked grins on their faces.

"w-where are we?" i stammered as they slowly walked towards me.

Suddenly one grabbed me by my hair and forced his hard cock into my mouth. He rammed my head back and forth back and forth. i gagged and dribbled all over my face and his cock and the more i did the faster he rammed. before i knew it, another was behind me tearing@my skirt, ripping off my lace panties, rubbing my clit with his thumb and pushing his rock hard cock against my asshole. With no warning the man in my mouth groaned and let me go spunking all over my face, my mouth, my nose, my eyes. before i could even register what had happened, the guy behind rammed his stiff one straight in my ass forcing me onto all 4s. i screamed out in pain and looked over to my boyfriend who unbelievably had his cock in his hand, yanking@it so hard groaning, souting@them to fuck me harder. My arsehole painfully stretched, i could feel myself bleeding as he pounded me harder and harder. I tried to get away but the net guy shoved his cock into my mouth and th ordeal began again.

Tears stung@my eyes as they continiued to abuse me one after the other. They pounded my mouth, pussy and arse until i could take no more.

I lay there in the mud finaly, i could take no more. The men all stood around me in a circle, ynking hard@their cocks until they heaved their load all over my broken and bruised body. And lastly, my boyfriend pissed in my mouth forcing me to drink it all.

I watched as my boyfriend shook hands with all the men as they left. He pulled me from the floor and dragged me back to the car.

"That will teach you for having 3somes without me!"

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