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sexydawn's phone sex blog - to a lost friend - 2012-02-03 16:11:20

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You know what
I am very thankful to God
because you became part of my life
even though you are gone forever,
Thank you
for dreaming with me
even though it became nightmare,
thank you
for telling me that you'll always be there for me
even though now this promise is broken,
thank you
for giving me space in your heart when I am alone
Even though you stop talking to me now,
Thank you
for begging me not to leave you
cause you said you'll grieve and cry if I leave you
even though I'm still here to stay but I can't feel you anymore,
Thank you
because of you I smile
Even though now i cry because I miss you,
Thank you for everything
I hope you'll become happy wherever you will go.

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