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XXChazXX's phone sex blog - Gym - 2011-11-01 09:21:33

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Hope you enjoy reading about my gym fun as much as i had fun doing it.

Last week, during my weekly gym session, i found myself alone with a real hot guy working out. We were alone in the gym but i found myself watching him. Every muscule tensing as he lifted the weights and lowered them. I tried to stop myself from watching him but i just couldnt. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. i knew i wanted him and i had to have him. What i didnt know was that he was as hard as a rock watchin me too, untill i caught him watching me when he thought i wasnt looking and this only made my juices pour out of my already dripping wet cunt. It was all i could do to stop myself from moaning out loud! As i moved to another one of the machines he came over and asked if he could help me with my workout. Blushing i quickly said yes! I wanted to fuck him right there and then, after my workout i had to have a shower as i was soaking wet. I had just stripped off and was stood in the communial changing room wen i felt his hands on my shoulders. moving my hair from the nape of my neck i could feel his hot breath on my neck adn the bulge of his hard cock pressing against me. slowly he kissed my neck as his hands moved down over my back and round to my tits. he squeezed my already hard nipples. I had to have him now! my juices were dripping down my legs. i moved my hand round to take hold of his hard cock slowly stroking it feelin it throb in my hand. He in turn moved his hand down to my wet cunt slipping one finger then two and finger fucking my cunt. i couldnt help but moan out loud with the pleasure of his fingers inside me. he brought me to an amazin cum but he had more in store for me. he bent me over and slide his cock deep into my aching cunt. i wanted to scream and beg him for more. he pounded my cunt and pulled on my hair driving his cock all the way in upto his balls. my cunt juices squirting out over his cock and balls, i could hear him groan as my cunt tightened around him. He then dropped to his knees and began to lick my cunt and my ass hole. His tongue makin me cum again covering his face in it. he fingered ma ass stretchin it wide for his cock. sitting down on the bench he pulled me over and sat me on his cock which went all the way into my ass as he caressed ma tits and pulled on my nipples. he forced his cock in and out of my ass till i screamed,i was bouncin on his shaft hard and fast till again i came. HE moved his cock into my cunt so he could finally shoot his load deep inside me. Thrusting his cock fast and deep his cum filled me right up. As he stood up to leave his cock still hard and throbbing i dropped to my knees and took his cock deep into my throat. licking his cock clean of all our juices untill he again came this time over my tits. After he shot his load again i walked into the shower room as he left to go back to the mens changing room. Satisfied with my gym workout but even more so with my out of gym workout i showered, got dressed and went on my way.
I wonder if i will see him again? I do hope so mmmmmmmmmm
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