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Juicy Gemma's phone sex blog - My Sexy Halloween (For Diamond9) - 2011-10-31 21:10:52

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I was due to meet Del at the Halloween party. I was running late as I slipped on my sexy witch costume. I felt so naughty in it! A very short silky skirt with lace trim... black stockings with lace up black boots and a very tight black velvet corset. Add to that my witches hat, broomstick and spooky make up and I was good to go. As I left the house to make the short walk to the party I felt very sexy. I could feel people staring and I liked it. It made me feel horny and I couldn't wait to get Del back to my house after the party!
When I got to the adress the house was heaving. Loud music blared from every window and the front lawn was packed with pretty merry partygoers! :-) I pushed my way inside and tried to look for Del. I must have tried about a dozen different rooms when I took a bit of a wrong turn and found myself in an upstairs bedroom. It was only lit by a couple of pumpkins placed on the window ledge. I was fed up of looking around and took a minute to lay back on the bed and relax. As I closed my eyes I heard the door open and someone come in. I sat up and saw an outline of a man dressed in some kind of dracula costume. He made his way towards me... long, deliberate strides. I was a little nervous, not really sure who it was, but a little excited too. :-)
Before I could stand I felt his strong hands push me back down on the bed. The silk of his long cape brushing against my thighs and causing a definite aroused feeling between my legs. His lips were on mine in an instant. Hard urgent kisses. His tongue moving with mine in perfect motions that caused me to moan. I could feel my nipples stiffening almost as much as I could feel his cock doing the same.
I knew then that he needed to fuck me. This was going to be passionate and urgent. He pulled my legs apart and worked his fingers up my thigh... pulling at the silk of my stockings. He moved my now wet panties to one side while fumbling with his zip with the other hand. His fingers began to work my clit into a frenzy as he freed his now very swollen cock from the confines of his underwear.
'Maybe we shouldn't'... I whispered, thinking that anyone could catch us at any minute. But I saw the outline of his smile in the candlelight as he bought his hand up to my mouth and covered my mouth. 'Shhhhh' he replied and I could smell the scent of my wet pussy on his fingertips which made my clit throb all the more.
There was no teasing, no build up. He wanted me there and then and his cock was inside me with one swift movement. I groaned loudly and he pressed his hand harder down on my mouth to stop the noises escaping and alerting the people we could hear outside the room. He started to rythmically move his body, thrusting into me with such a rough urgency that I thought I might cum all over his cock within seconds. It felt so good to be this dirty.
I knew we would come quickly and when I came on him I could feel my cum running down his cock. Which only served to make him fuck me harder, desperate to cum too. I felt his body start to tremble and could litterally feel the throb of his cock inside me as he bagan to climax hard in me. He buried his face in my neck to stifle the final groan as his hot cum started to pump into my pussy and run out down my thighs. His body collapsed against mine and we lay there, catching our breath and smiling to ourselves about our dirty little secret.
He stroked my hair and looked into my eyes, kissing me softly. 'Now that is what you get when you tell me you have such a naughty outfit planned... it is all I have thought about all day!' He said and I laughed. 'Dracula Del you are very naughty indeed! Now I am a little messy between my legs... maybe you could help clean me up?' :-) xxx
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