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Sexylicious's phone sex blog - My night of passion with a fantastic guy - 2011-09-26 22:54:47

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I met up with this smashing bloke, I will call him C. He was charming and sooo sexy I tried to resist him. He had been playing squash and been out for a run, We nearly ran into each other, He asked me to meet up with him that night. God was he amazing, we shared the shower together and soaped each other up. I got down on the floor in the shower and licked his balls and his cock immediatly stood to attention, the gorgeous throbbing member was waiting for my tongue to slide up and down it. He tasted sooo good. He laid me down out of the shower and we could still feel the water splashing on us, Wow did he fuck so well, I came over and over again. When he was about to come, I took his big, lush cock into my mouth and sucked it so deeply. God what a fantastic shag. Best ever xxxx
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