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Amy Lynn's phone sex blog - Hot Fucking - 2011-09-01 00:31:39

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I'm lying on my bed in nothing but my underwear. Rubbing my hands up and down my body cupping my breasts and squeezing my nipples gently. I move one hand toward the elastic of my knickers, I rub my pussy slowly over the top of my knickers, still teasing my nipples and moaning. I have a damp patch in my underwear from where I am getting so hot and horny. I slide my hands into my knickers and start rubbing my clit and pussy. I still have one hand squeezing my nipple , both are standing firm and erect. I moan quietly while I play with my clit.

I slip one finger into my pussy and gasp slightly, it feels so good. I remove my clothes so I am completely naked. I put 3 fingers now into my pussy and rub my clit with my other hand. It feels so good, I make my self cum. I feel all of my cum running out of my pussy. I take my fingers out and lick them it tastes so good.

I'm so hot and horny now and I need a cock to satisfy my needs. You come in naked and lie next to me. I tell you to taste me. You lick my clit while finger my pussy and I groan. It feels great, I love having my clit licked. I move to sit on your face so I can suck your cock at the same time. I cup your balls while I suck your cock hard.

You move me over and lay me down, pin my hands above my head and stick your cock into my dripping and waiting pussy.

I let out a quiet, almost silent, gasp. You slowly enter me, inch by inch. I let out a louder moan. I grab you and pull you into me harder and deeper. I am gyrating against you as I want you to make me cum. I throw you off me and lay you on your back and ride you. Your cock throbs deep inside me, loving every thrust I give it. I start to ride you hard to make myself cum, I let out a load moan. "Yes Yes, fuck me harder" I have my hands on the headboard, with my eyes shut cumming all over your cock.

Im sitting on your cock, leaning forward, squeezing my pelvic muscles, lightly moving back and forth. I have one hand under your head pulling your hair. I pull more as I cum more. My eyes a squeezed tightly shut as I let out a loud scream. You grab my hair and pull me into you to kiss me. I lick your tongue and cum at the same time.

I move up and bounce on your cock up and down and I move up slowly and stop letting it linger there. I move up your body and push my pussy in your face. I want you to taste my fresh pussy juices. You can see it dripping out of my pussy and you immediately do what I want you to. I let out a moan and you bury your tongue into my cunt.

You bend me over and thrust your cock into me and ride me hard. I have my face buried into the pillow, muffling the sounds of my screaming. You feel my cum flowing and you know how much I am loving it but you are about to cum, You tell me get on my knees and you stand over me with your cock in your hand, wanking it. I play with my pussy while you do this.

I open my mouth awaiting the hot load of cum; I lick the end of your cock while you are wanking. You tell me to suck your cock and while I do this you cum into my mouth and I carry on sucking. You are now twitching as you cum as it feels so good

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