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Ashlee's phone sex blog - Chastity or Cocksucking ? - 2011-07-16 01:54:22

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I am a cuckold queen and I love it ! Just recently I caught my cucky wanking over his porno magazine stash. I was really pissed when I caught him and it's punishment time. Last time I gave him a choice. This time he has nothing to choose. He is a worthless sissy loser who deserves what is coming.

His cock will be locked up in a chastity device. And the only way he will be able to get out of it is by sucking cock. And tonight my friends are coming over. Twelve single horny men who don't care if a guy or girl sucks their cocks off. Cucky will have to get down on his knees sucking each one off. And if he refuses, it will be chastity for a whole year !!!

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