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Flirty Fleur's phone sex blog - Girls Night In - 2011-07-03 22:07:22

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It was Friday night and my girlfriend, Jeenie had called round to visit. My fella was away and we were having a girlie night in, ya know, wine, giggles, chick flick. Anyway, with Jeenie being the one who had introduced me to the pleasures of batting for the same side, there was always the prospect of a little fun later. Until Id met Jeenie I was always a cock and cum sort of girl but she showed me the delights a girls can provide  I see now why you men love us so much  so we often cuddle up and give each other solace when there are no men around, and sometimes when there are!!!!!
This Friday though I had a surprise planned. I had mentioned to Jeeneie about a new man who had come into my life (Ill call him PH) and she was eager to meet him. I said I wasnt sure but I hoped he might call around later.
The wine flowed, the giggles got louder and the conversation eventually turned to sex and got decidedly raunchier. Now, we have a pact, Jeenie and I, that whenever these situations turn towards sex, we get naked  it saves washing out sticky stains later, weve found and prevents underwear being destroyed in frenzied passion as our hand and lips seek those secret damp places.
So, we were both naked when PH turned up. He seemed pleased to see us both, especially Jeenie it seemed from the way the front of his trousers twitched. What are you girls up to? he asked with a knowing look.
Warming up for the main event, Jeenie slurred. You.
Ive been telling, Jeenie all about you, I purred. And the fun weve been having. She wants a try.
Does she now? PH said. Well, I suggest you girls warm each other up whilst I catch up and get undressed.
Jeenie practically fell on me. All eager mouth and wandering hands. She kiised my mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside, he hands ran over my breasts, pinching hard on my erect nipples. I shuddered in pleasure. Her kisses moved down, first my neck and then my breasts. Her hands did the same, fingertips tracing light lines over my stomach and back before she got a solid grip on my buttocks and squeezed hard. I groaned and shuddred, a tiny orgasm escaped my, by now sodden, pussy. The Jeenies eager fingers found my damp hole and I lost all sense as she opened and probed by damp cave of delights. He fingers stroking, flicking and touching my most sensitive and intimate places with a firm delicacy. Then he mouth was there too, he tongue running along my lips, into my hole and then finding my throbbing clit. Shockwaves rocketed through me and I came, pushing her face deep into me.
In my frenzy I hadnt noticed PH who was holding his swollen cock against my face, the purple head nudging my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in, noticing the difference in his manliness to the sweetness of Jeenie who Id been licking earlier.
Jeenie eased him from my mouth and took him into her own, PH groaned in pleasure. He stood, with Jeenie on her knees before him sucking his long cock. I got down behind jeenie and began to fondle her dripping gash, she was so worked up all her inner thighs glistened with her love juices. I tongue them up and moved to her gaping snatch, burying my tongue deep inside. She instantly came and flooded me with her release.
I want to fuck Fleur, PH Murmured.
We pushed him down and I squelched my damp hole over his rampant cock. The sensation of it slipping in gave me another orgasm and I heard PH moan in pleasure as my cunt walls squeezed his cock. Jeenie sat on his face, facing me and began to pinch my nipples, she wasnt gentle as she was lost in passion but I was past caring myself and although there was a sharp pain there was also a slice of pleasure and my fanny pulsed in delight against PHs cock. I ground down hard against him, rubbing my clit against the base of his cock, I could feel another orgasm building inside me.
I pinched Jeenies nipples making them stand even further up and let forward, planting hot, wet kisses on each. MY hands found her clit and played with the swollen flesh as PH tongued her hole. She flopped against me and came over his face.
Can I fuck Jeenie, PH asked when he ample backside had moved, allowing him to breath and speak.
I ground my swollen clit against him and released my orgasm. It was so massive it rocked my whole body, I had to scream it was so good.
Almost gratefully, I was so shattered by then. I climbed off. He slipped Jeenie onto her back and took her in the missionary position. She was so sexually heighten that if youd blown into her fanny she would have come, so when PH slipped inside her she had an instant intense orgasm. She screamed as I had done and bucked so hard I thought she might throw him off. But bless him he hung in there and pumped away to his own climax. Jeenie held him tight to her and gave off a series of little jelps as he came inside her.
When he rolled off her I slid between her legs and helped myself to cream pie. There was an awful lot of it. Both Jeenie and I agreed wed never seen so much spunk in one delivery. She lapped it up from my fingers as we both eyed PH as he recovered. We were greedy girls and hoped thered be more!

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