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stacey xx's phone sex blog - spank me wank me then spunk on me - 2011-06-18 02:20:01

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i've been such a bad bad girl,i need a good hard spanking,but being spanked really turns me on i've recently found out so then i have to fuck my hole with anything i can grab mmm bet you'd love it to be your stiff cock wouldn't you :)or would you like to make me your good lil girl who will do exactly what i'm told when you tell me,only problem is i sometimes forget and need putting back in my place,could you do that?Or would you prefer to be sat there watching me be a dirty lil slut fucking the gardner,my lecturer, the guy next door,my boyfriends best mate then blackmail me into doing something for you or you'l tell on me????mmmm sounds fun
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