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Maggie's phone sex blog - My Jogger - 2011-06-13 22:32:10

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While out for my early morning walk with my dog, I pass this jogger,been a Normal Irish Lass I said goodmorning,He replied,Morning Beautiful, I was surprised by his reply and returned a very bright smile. this happened on two more mornings but on the third morning he jogged around the block and crossed the road,right where I was walking,He stopped and Introuced himself to me, Hi I am Nicko,I am delighted to meet you every morning but please tell me your Name,I was Blushing as I replied Maggie, Then he said, Maggie,it sounded so nice when he said my name,You Make My Day,with your Beautiful Smile,and I dream of you at nite.This is the first time that any guy has ever come on to me so early in the morning.In my next entry I shall tell you what happened next.
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