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JucyJudy's phone sex blog - My Hot Day at the Naturist Zone - 2011-05-28 15:45:24

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I woke up feeling so horny i couldnt believe it, the bed was wet with my juices, i lay there thinking i need to cum , i got my toys out and started to fantasise about strange men fucking me, I decided to jump out of bed ,put a see through blouse on and no Knickers. gathered a bag of goodies, and got in my car, all the way to the beach i kept touching myself, my pierced nipples were so erect, i kept having wild thoughts about strange men, especially old strange men, i had this idea in my head which wouldnt go away. i wanted a hard cock and i was going to get it, As i got to the car park for the beach it was totally full to my annoyance, i did a 3 point turn, and decided to park up the road, and get my sunbed out of the boot of my car and put it in the woods on the edge of the beach, i striped off my top and got my goodies out of the car, i laid down on the sunbed, it was just on the edge of the road, where people driving passed could see me, a couple of guys walked passed and chatted amongst themselves, when they looked over i opened my legs showing my pierced wet cunt off, they walked on (obviously gay) then a motor bike drove passed, suddenly he slammed his breaks on and started to look again i opened my legs rubbing my clit with my fingers, he drove off, he went up and down the road 3 or 4 times, then i heard the engine die, just up from where i was laying, then i heard a rattle in the bushes as i turned over onto my belly i could see the man now naked in the bushes, wanking his cock at my naked body, he was now in full view of my large open arse, i beckoned to him, to come over, at first he seemed shy and pretended he wasnt there, until i shouted please come to me, slowly he walked towards me naked and very very erect once he got to me i realised he didnt speak any english at all, i stood up, put his large errect penis in my hand and started to wank it, it was so wet with pre cum, i went straight down and started to give him a hard blow job, next thing he was starting to moan, i took him out of my mouth, and wanked his hot spunk all over my tits, once he had cum i just walked away, wiped myself clean and got back on my sunbed, we never spoke another word the next thing i heard his motorbike engine revving and off he went, i got back on my sunbed,
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