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JucyJudy's phone sex blog - The Day the Pool Man Visited, What a Dirty Whore Cum read More - 2011-05-21 14:15:34

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It was a Monday Morning, I had a crap weekend and was feeling sorry for myself, i woke up feeling rather wet and horny, I looked out the window, and Yes it was a hot day at last, Maybe Winter was over at last, I could lay Naked round the Pool. Dan my hubby had gone off to work, so i came down stairs made myself a cuppa and some breakfast and sat on the verandah, oh yes, it was going to be a great day, i could be Naked, (my favourite pass time), No one was around, i got the sun bed and cover out, put it in the corner of the Patio, (the hottest sun trap), got my book out and laid down, i started to feel so horny having fantasies about being raped by a group of guys, im such a dirty whore, i decided to rub my clit and was getting so wet in between my legs, my pierced rings were really hot in the sun too, oh yes i needed to cum so much, why wasnt Dan here to fuck me hard, fuck i got the wine bottle out and started fucking myself with it, within minutes i was cumming oh yes, so good outside the sun on my face, and cumming so much, i was soaking, and the sunbed was wet, suddenly i heard the gate go, i thought Dans not due home yet?, I looked up , talk about being caught in the Act , the pool maintainence man was standing there, an older man about 60, 6ft 2 inches tall , silvery grey hair but quite distinguished looking for his age, and slim build, Oh he said so sorry to interupt lol, i was slightly embarrased ,then thought what the fuck, Dan had always said to me if the gardener or pool man ever want to fuck you, go for it, so i said its ok , dont worry im sorry but im a naturist so u might catch me naked a lot, he said oh hey thats good by me cos im a naturist, he then went on to say , would you mind if i clean the pool naked? is said no go for it , your welcome anytime when your here, Dan and I dont mind at all, He started to strip off , he had a rather hairy chest, but nicely trimmed, he took his jeans off and was stood there in some very white sexy briefs, then he took them down, fuck me he had an enormous cock, and i couldnt take my eyes off, it and not only was it enormous it was errect i had obviously had some effect on him, He turned to look at me , he had piercing blue eyes and said (holding his cock) care to suck it, fuck me i had died and gone to heaven lol, soon he was standing over me, and his cock was in my mouth , oh yes it was massive stretching my mouth, and his pre cum leaking into my mouth, the next thing he was laying on top of me, his massive cock inside me , pounding me so hard, fuck for an old guy he was good, god he then started snogging me tongues entwinned, mmm oh yes i was cumming all over his cock, my juices running down to his ball, oh yes oh yes oh yes, the sun was burning my face but i didnt care i was in heaven, next thing he was cumming to fuck me it was hard and fast he was shouting omg, omg omg , ur one dirty bitch, but i love it, oh yes he then got off me, and rammed his cum drenched cock down my throat, to lick all our cum juices off, Oh well he said i suppose i better clean the pool, he got up and continued to work naked, next thing Dan came home, he was still cleaning the pool but naked, Dan said ohhh nice cock, hope you 2 have been having fun lol, oh i love it the way he likes me to be used by other men, what a fantastic day it was, Once hed finished cleaning the pool he got dressed and said see you next week with a wink, so keep watching this space to see if anything else cums up xxxxxxxxxxx ciao for now
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