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gabrielle's phone sex blog - Teasing my bf's mate with my nylons! - 2011-05-02 10:34:12

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I simply must tell you about something that happened a few months ago when I got home from work......
I'd had a long day on my feet. I am a part-time beauty therapist so I have to look professional and elegant. I was wearing my usual 'uniform' of a black tight skirt which falls just above the knee, a crisp white fitted blouse, natural coloured stockings and high heeled peep-toe shoes.
I am on my feet most of the day doing facials, pedicires, massages etc. so I was extremely glad to put my key in my front door - knowing I was finally home.
When I got in, I went into the lounge to put my bag down and was about to kick of my shoes and call out to my boyfriend when I noticed a guy sat in our armchair watching TV!!
I was startled at first but then realised it was my bf (Gary's) mate Michael.
Michael looked up at me and apologised for startling me. I relaxed and smiled at him. Michael then told me that Gary had gone to the hardware store for some fence panels for the garden and he had told Michael to wait at the house till he got back.
I asked Michael if he wanted a beer and he grinned and said "Yes please Gabrielle"
When I got back with his beer he seemed a bit nervous and I asked him why. He blushed a little and told me I looked stunning. I thanked him and sat on the sofa opposite him.
My feet were killing me so I asked if he minded taking my shoes off for me. Michael came over and I crossed my legs while he carefully (and rather slowly) undid my high heeled shoes. As he did this he appeared to be sniffing them!
"OMG - do my feet smell bad?" I asked, and he said they were just a little sweaty but definitely smelt good- not bad! I gave him a long, coy look and he admitted that he loved the sensual aroma of women's shoes and feet.
"Well, in that case" I said "you can give my feet a massage if you like!"
He knelt on the floor in front of me and started to massage my feet, while obviously enjoying their aroma! I layed my head back and closed my eyes.......Mmmmmmmmmmm I was in heaven! Suddenly I became aware that he was............more to follow!!!!
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