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Marcia's phone sex blog - Guided Masturbation Phone Sex - 2011-03-21 19:55:02

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So I had a virgin the other day, said he had never masturbated before. He was 20 years old and all I could think was, wow!!

He said he wanted me to get him off. He was a sweetheart, soft spoken and a
'yes ma'am' kinda guy. I got the feeling he was a little shy and I must admit I was very turned on by that. I was happy to step into my dominant side, but I was not about to hardcore him, for him we are talking Sensual Domination.
He deserved it and later, as he continues to call we will get into the rougher stuff.

I can't help feeling that he was into more than just learning how to get himself off. I say that because he had taken his clothes off, down to the birthday suit when he told me the neighbor girl just saw him stroking his manhood. Of course he admitted it excited him and I totally understand because sharing the experience really
heightens the pleasure.

I had a great time on this call. I must admit I got really hot knowing I was his
first and told him so. I shared with him how wet my panties were, and explained how I was playing with my pussy, as I instruct him on exactly where and how to touch himself. He made that sound we all make when we get there and then he was gone. He will be back.

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