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mandi-lou's phone sex blog - A good spanking - 2011-03-18 01:35:30

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I did some work as a research assistant a few years ago.My boss was an older guy in his 50's.I'd been working for him for about 3 months when 1 day we were in his library it was a huge place with shelves going right round and 1 of those ladders to climb up to reach the top ones.
I'd dressed in my usual office clothes knee length skirt,white blouse,white lacy bra and matching panties,stockings and high heeled black shoes.
I'd gone up the ladder to reach something off one of the top shelves when i gazed over at Mr M,i noticed him gazing up my skirt feeling very flirty i decided to tease a little by reaching further over so my skirt rose up a bit higher so he got a view of the top of my stockings and a bit of leg.
I bought down the files he'd asked me for then moved the ladder round so he'd be able to see even further up when i wiggled my lil ass back up for any others.Needless to say i was back up for another file quite quickly he could see my knickers quite clearly from where he was,feeling very brave i asked if he wanted me to reach a lil further over felt my skirt ride up and knew he had a perfect view of my pert ass i wiggled it and heard a groan from him.i could feel myself getting damp with excitement and knew he'd see a damp patch in my panties,i leaned forward and slid my hand between my legs and rubbed the tight lace that covered me.
Mr M yelled at me told me what a dirty girl i was and told me to show him exactly what i'd do if left on my own.i squeaked erm i'd have to take my panties off sir.He replied oh no you don't.he pulled me down off the ladder and then eased me back i felt a finger slide into my wet cunt that was it i exploded all over his fingers.
Mandi he said you are a dirty bitch come here while i show you what happens to sluts like you.
He pulled me sideways over to his knee.ooops i sat on it.he quickly shoved me off onto the floor then pulled me so my ass was over his knee.then he started his hand caressedflat circles over my cheeks,a finger sneaked into my clit i was in heaven.Then came my punishment he ripped my panties off then came his hand the flat palm wacking down on my assin 10 fast strokes,"you dirty bitch "he've been asking for that since you started.
he pinched my red cheeksthen gently carressed them before the spanking started again.Despite the stinging of my cheeks i cud feel myself getting wetter and wetter,his hard cock digging into my cunt.he through me off his knee and forced his thick cock into my mouth making me gag.i needed to relieve myself and bought my fingers down to my oozing cunt and rubbed and fingered myself all the time sucking his thick rod.i looked up and said ooh sir i'm going to come for you as i felt myself come my face was splattered with hot creamy spunk.
Needless to say that wasn't my only spanking but that is another story
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