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Marcia's phone sex blog - He's a A Fuck Bucket - 2011-03-03 19:33:32

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As a mistress I get to do whatever I please. Sometimes those who want to serve want to do it on their own terms, Really? They cross the line and make me unhappy-when that happens I have a bag of tricks to help remedy the situation. This time though the dirty cum guzzler had gone too far. You see,
Mistress had gone hours without a badly deserved sexual release when one called to give me a good fucking, and bam! Something happened-not sure what, but all I know is that I was left with a throbbing, aching pussy. That cannot be!
This time I needed a trick that was not in the bag, one not used before. My plan was to show this who-done-it that I was in charge.

I called my side kick Al, whom I have known for a long time. Al loves to lick my boots then get fucked in the ass. This time I told him to bring a friend. I told him he was about to
have what he has always wanted and I also told him to make sure his friend was well endowed.

As always, Al did not disappoint-his friend has a cock so big I felt fear shot through the walls of my Mary Jane.
Yes, we had a threesome that I will never forget. They served me all right-on a platter to each other. At one point my hot, sticky, tight pussy is fucking one rock hard cock while the other is behind, ramming me in the ass. After about an hour and a half I'm sore but oohhh so satisfied. I'm able to forget the disrespect from earlier on, and once again confirm I am the Only one in charge here.
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