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Sensual Sharon's phone sex blog - Ode To The Self Proclaimed "Filthiest Man In All Of England" - 2011-02-17 16:20:01

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This is for a very special client and his "depraved masturbation lifestyle" as he puts it.There once was a wanker named -----,who liked to look at a womans fanny.Though he moreso loved breast,to this I can attest.As he spunks on the pics,of his latest celeb fix.With his 9 inch monster cock,upon which he thinks all the ladies love to gawk...
My client enjoyed my little poem to him so much,he wrote one of his own in response to it.I just had to share it for all to enjoy. ----- is a cock god
It's the best feature on his bod
He jerks it off 4 hours a day
Girls have no idea what to say.
They touch it and wank it
And when I'm finished they thank it
For spraying them in cum
It sure is a lot of fun
But girls do have one issue:
How does ----- get through so many tissues?
The answer is simple, it's plain to see,
-----'s penis is the biggest it can be.
It's long and hard and thick and fat
And in his hand he strokes it like that.
His ejaculations last a long time
No girl is ever ready for the 9
Inches of dick that shoots in bits
A Ton of spunk all over her huge tits.
----- is well-endowed, all girls love him for it
They obsess about what they will do to it
He aims@their chests and gets ready to fire
And the girl is hopelessly unprepared for the ire
Of the immense orgasm she has created.
For -----'s cock can never be bettered

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