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Kitti's phone sex blog - The Pool. - 2011-01-20 14:57:37

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One day at the end of the summer it was so hot that I decided to go swimming to cool down. I put on my skimpiest bikini and a pair of see-through white hot-pants.

By the time I got to the pool I wasnt just hot, I was damn horny seeing all those half naked men walking about, just imagining getting all hot and sweaty with them. I loved the way they looked at me in my tiny outfit, dreaming of me with my legs spread wide, it was all I could do not to touch myself as I walked down the street.

Even the cold shower before getting in the pool couldnt damp down my urge to fuck the next guy that came near. I slid my slim body slowly into the warm water, my tits pert and my nipples hard. I closed my eyes and reclined against the edge of the pool, fantasising.

I felt a small wave of water splash against my tits, opening my eyes, I saw a dark haired man close the last few inches between us. As he pressed against me, rubbing my hardened nipples with his chest, I felt his hard cock press against my stomach. He began to slowly rub himself over me and I reached down to grip his shaft tight, stroking him.

He leaned across and whispered in my ear, Changing rooms  NOW! He got out of the pool, dragging me with him, locking us in one of the larger cubicles. Standing behind me he slowly unlaced my bikini and let it drop to the floor.

Reaching around, he cupped my breasts, twisting my nipples with his fingertips while his other hand parted my wet pussy lips & began to stoke my clit...

You can hear the rest in Part Two! XXX

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