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Kitti's phone sex blog - - 2011-01-20 14:54:38

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I had to do all my Christmas shopping and top of my list was a sexy Christmas outfit and some new sexy lingerie to go with it. I had to look festive and hot while I shopped in case I bumped into anyone fuckable.

I pulled on some silky black stockings, attached them to my suspender belt and fastened my black satin bra with matching thong. I slid a tight, very short pencil skirt over my pert ass, zipping it up and running my hands over my rump. Next I pulled a snug silver v-neck jumper over my head, its thin, slightly see-through and the neckline plunges right down between my tits. A bit of tinsel in my hair and knee high stiletto boots and I was ready to go.

I walked to the bus stop in the freezing December weather, it was so cold my nipples were already hardening and poking through my jumper! Rubbing my fingers over my little bullets, feeling the material scrape against them, my pussy started to tingle.

Feeling naughty and horny and by now arrived at the bus stop, I reached my hand up under my skirt, pushed my panties aside and started rubbing my clit. I leaned against the bus stop as I slowly began to finger myself, my pussy started to get wetter and I closed my eyes to the pleasure.

I didnt notice this hot older guy walk up and catch me wanking in broad daylight. I only realised when he cupped my ass, squeezing and running his hands round to the front of my skirt, then pushing his fingers up under my hem. When he found my clit and pinched it sharply, I gasped. It felt so good I knew my hole was getting juicy. Next his fingers were joining mine and stretching my tight pussy, his other hand sliding up my jumper, finding my tits and squeezing them roughly.

As he kissed up my neck, he whispered in my ear, Wanna go in that park over there and fuck? I was already so horny and wet; I couldnt wait, so I agreed straight away. He dragged me roughly over to a large group of trees and bushes in the park where we would be easily hidden.

He shoved me down on the hard frozen ground, climbing on top of me and getting his rock hard cock out. He pushed aside my panties and rammed his knob in my tight hole, it was too cold and we were too turned on. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pushed down hard so my legs almost touched my ears; he clamped his hand over my mouth and began to pound my wet pussy hard & deep.

I was warm in no time; he really knew how to make me cum, ramming my pussy harder and harder till I was red raw. Then he flipped me over on all fours to get his cock deeper in my tight hole and rubbed my clit while he fucked me from behind. He gripped my ass so tightly, dragging my body back towards him to get his rod deeper and deeper.

He grabbed a fistful of my long brown hair, pulling my head back sharply as he fucked me harder and harder till I was trembling and whimpering. My pussy was so wet and dripping down his shaft, onto his balls.

He got faster and harder, I thought I would break! I felt his hot sticky spunk shoot inside me, filling me up and dribbling down my thighs. He slapped my ass, kissed me hard, pulled up his trousers and walked off.

I righted all my clothes before walking sorely from the park and back home to change. I decided to leave shopping for another day.

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