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Naughty charlie's phone sex blog - My guilty secret - 2011-01-13 14:48:25

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I feel so guilty that i feel as though im living up to my name. We had a plumber come to our house the other day obviously my husband was at work and as soon as i opened the door to him i thought oh yes i could do something with you. He looked at me in the same sort of way. Anyway i invited him in and showed him the boiler which was causing the problems and asked himif he would like a cup of tea as you do. he replied yes please so i made a drink and he got on with taking the boiler apart to see what was wrong. He then said he needed to go upstairs to check things out so i followed him up stairs and the next thing i knew was that he was making his way into my bedroom and said to me i wanna fuck the ass off of you. He then pulled me onto the bed and started to put his hand up my skirt. i could feel his hard cock throbbing inside his trousers and i knew that i just had to have it regardless of what my husband would think i was surelly living up to my name.
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