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alishae's phone sex blog - My naughty habbits x - 2010-12-09 01:24:07

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This night I was pleasuring myself while watching one of my many videos. I like compilations. I need one containing a broad selection of various sex acts to satiate my desires.

I like to start with a little foreplay, lesbian cunnilingus works well for this. Watching two smooth feminine bodies writhing together gets me hot. One women is slowly undressing another beautiful women. One parting the legs of another, finds her way to the spot she already knows quite well. Watching her use her tongue to manipulate the others clit. I begin to mimic the moves of her tongue with my fingers, on my own clit. Plunging her tongue deep inside, she plays with her nipples. Nipples like sucking candy, sweet and hard. My big nipples get hard watching. I squeeze my large breast in response. Wishing they were in the hands of a sexy woman.

I'm not quite ready. I need it a little harder to cum. I find the pretty teen surrounded by five lean dark men. Standing in a circle, they pump their thick black cocks. She's sprawled out so you can see her tight pink pussy. She licks each cock one at a time. As she sucks her third man, another stuffs her cunt full of dark meat. Another man massages her pert nipples atop her tiny breasts, as one is still in her mouth. They move, allowing her to sit upon one large member. Another, twice as big, is eased into her puckered ass. This floods my pussy. I kneed my clit between my middle and ring finger, adding pressure. I am so close watching the pretty girl get all her holes filled. How beautiful a sight to see two cocks working together. Side by side the big black cocks fuck her ass and pussy. Wish I were her at this moment.

My fingers slop around my juicy cunt. I want to cum with those big fucking cocks. I squeeze my big tits with my left hand and take turns pinching each nipple. I am at the edge.

My body is ready to fall in to deep orgasmic spasm, when I hear a knock at my door. I try to ignore it. I didn't want all this to be wasted. The pounding got louder. I started to be concerned. Reluctantly I removed my fingers from my dripping pussy and pushed pause on the remote. I grabbed my robe and checked the mirror as I headed for the door.
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