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Kinky Kandy's phone sex blog - Domination - 2010-11-29 16:41:01

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Hello, fuckbags,

I've decided to get a little more extreme with you lot. You all seem to be demanding more and more from me and keep forgetting that I call the shots. No longer will I be asking what you want; I'll be telling you what I want from you. Whether it's crawling on the floor to shoving cocktail sticks down your Japs Eye to slamming your cock in the door to tipping me you'll do it. And you'll thank me for it.

You have to remember that you waste my time trying to top from the bottom when I could be dominating a real man.

So far, there's been 2 wonderful gentlemen who actually have the courtesy to tell me their sordid secrets and allow me to torture them. They're the real men, not raisin-dicked losers who can't please themselves, much less a real woman.

So, yes, pinprick cockbags, I'm in charge, of you, of your pathetic cocks, of your wallets, of your pathetic little lives. Get busy now, it's almost Christmas.
When discussing your fantasies and needs and wants, be prepared to realise that it is me who calls the shots. No ifs, no buts; we do what I want. This could involve me humiliating you by sitting in a chair reading the paper with my feet up on your back. Or it could be a full on fisting your arse frenzy. What. Ever. I. Want. Of course your wishes come into it. I listen to your words and incorporate them into a scene that is mutually beneficial to us both. If I feel that you are topping from the bottom, I'll ignore you.

If you want to wank and eat your cum, then yes, we'll do that. However, you might find yourself eating your cum off my boots, or off my latex clad bottom. I may laugh at you desperately trying to lick your own cum off me though.

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