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Cum 4 Charlie's phone sex blog - Anal Deflowering - 2010-10-27 19:13:42

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This is my experience of how i lost my anal virginity! Enjoy xx

I hear the key in the door and the door opening slowly eventually seeing the boots appear in front of me. I am told to stand although I doubt I am really able to stand as I have been knelt on my knees naked for so long.
The woman helps me to my feet and steadies me until i can stand on my own. I am led through the house and then downstairs to the celler and told to wait. Shivering with the cold and the effort it is takin just to stand up. I am then blind folded. My pussy aches and gets so wet as I feel the softness of the silk around my face. I know my mistress is in a good mood today as she has used silk. I become aware of others in the room but one person seems to be takin more an interest in me than the others. I feel a hand on my thigh slowly movin upwards to my wet eager pussy. My pussy starts to drip the anticipation of where the hand will end up.
Before long i feel that hand on my pussy gently caressing me, while i hear a sexy voice sayin that this one will do.

The sound of buttons being undone and zippers pulled down is too much for me and my pussy starts to drip cum all down my legs. Still blindfolded i am ordered to kneel again on the floor and then to get onto all 4s. I feel hands runnin over my body and I know that it is a man that is touching me. All of a sudden I feel his large hard cock around my ass. I begin to breath faster and harder getting ready to feel his hard cock sinking into my pussy. He teases my ass hole runnin his finger around it before drivin his cock deep into my ass! I scream with the pain and make an attempt to move away but he grabs my hair and pulls me even deeper onto his cock. Fucking me harder and harder as he gets closer to cumming. I am screamin with the pain but also with the pleasure and for him to fill ass with his cum, begging him to fuck me. I fucked harder and deeper as he explodes his full balls into my ass.

I hear my mistresses voice asking others in the room if they would like to fuck me and to make use of my wet pussy and tight ass while they can. I am used by around 17 ppl men and women. Fucking my ass and pussy and my mouth. Havin cocks in my ass fillin me with cum. Fillin my mouth with cum. And filling my pussy with cum.

After i have drained every cock and licked every pussy in the room the man whom I was fucked by at the beginning said that he was proud to have taken my anal virginity and that he loved every second of it.

Exhausted I am taken to my mistresses room and laid down on the soft bed covered in red satin bed sheets and I feel the bed dippin as my mistress climbs onto it behind me. She puts her arm around me and tells me to sleep for i have a long day ahead of me in the morning.

I can only imagine what surprises lay in store for me as i close my eyes and drift off into a deep sleep xxxxx

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