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Cum 4 Charlie's phone sex blog - Swime Time means Fun time - 2010-10-27 11:34:22

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It was Thursday night, my regular swim night, and as I was catchin my breath from doing my routine 300 lengths I caught sight of him lookin at me, undressin me with his eyes. I didnt realise just how turned on he were makin me until I tried to get out of the pool and realised my legs were like jelly and I had butterflies in my stomach. It had been almost 6 months since I had last had a fuck and I was begging for a big cock to fill my pussy. I quietly begged for him to follow me to the changing rooms but as I looked back over my shoulder he was still in the pool and had not moved. I resolved myself to the fact that he would not be following me nor would he be fuckin me.

I walked over to the large changing rooms with the showers in after collecting my things from the locker. Still he had not moved but I could feel his eyes following me. I was beggin him to follow me inside my head. I could feel my pussy getting wetter even through the wetness of my swim attire.

I pushed open the door to find that I would not be alone in the changing room. I heard the giggles of another 2 women. I smiled at them as I put my things on the bench to the side of the shower. They were watchin my every move. The prettiest one was a slim blonde woman with her hair all down her back and pert little tits and even tho she still had on her bikini bottoms I could see that she was shaven. The other woman was a brunettes with pert tits and huge big nipples. The brunette had a little hair on her pussy as I could see this through her wet bikini bottoms. As soon as I got there they started to talk between themselves but the blonde one kept lookin at me. Almost like she was checkin me out and although I had never been with a woman before her eyes on me was again turning me on. I moved through to the shower room to shower and get out of there. I could still hear them talking and giggling between themselves although I couldnt make out what they were saying, but I was to find out soon enough. The blonde girl came through to shower room and turned on the shower next to me. Again I smiled at her and she commented on my tits. Sayin how nice they were and then her next question nearly made me cum there and then. She asked if she could feel them. Standing there naked and vulnerable and very horny I couldnt say no! her warm soft hands cupped my breasts and her thumb and forefinger gently squeezed my nipple makin it even harder that it was. I could hear my heart pumping inside my head and feel myself getting wetter and wetter in pussy. I wanted her to touch more of me. I wanted to touch her!! I wanted to feel her soft skin on my fingers. My thoughts were disturb only by the sound of the brunette sayin how round my ass is and how spankable it looks. I bent over just a little and opened my legs slightly. Letting her know she could touch me. Her hands caressed my ass cheeks softly her fingers slippin in between my cheeks and then down to my drippin pussy letting her fingers slip inside me and flickin my clit with her thumb. I let out a breathy moan as I felt her fingers disappear into my cunt. The blonde one was now kissin and suckin on my nipples. Silently begging her to make me cum.

None of us heard the door to the changing room open, much to his advantage! He could hear the light moans escaping from my mouth and his cock startin to tingle in his shorts. Putting his hand over his cock he began to gently rub his cock through his shorts listening to pleasure the three women were giving me. He moved closer so that he could get a better look at us. Standing at the side of room he could see me being used by the two women. The brunette now lickin my ass hole. He couldnt believe what was happening right in front of him. His hands now down his shorts and slowly wanking his cock. His pre cum just leakin from the tip of his cock. The pleasure he was watching and givin himself was almost to much for him to take and an involuntary gasp of pleasure escaped his mouth. The blonde woman looked over at him but didnt stop what she was doin but he could tell that she was getting off on him being there and watchin us. She took my hand and placed it between her legs so that I could feel her wetness and her swollen clit. Pushin her back against the wall she signalled for him to come over and she took his cock in her hand and started to wank him off. Seeing him there was an added bonus to the already amazing time I was havin. I came into the brunettes mouth my juices rollin out of my pussy onto her face. Smiling up at me she got up and started to kiss me letting me taste her juices.
I start to suck on her tits and gently bite her nipples as he moved around and start to finger fuck her pussy and lick her out tastin her. As he made the brunette cum the blonde girl led me by my hand and back into the changing room. She laid me down on the bench and straddled over my face. Pushin her cunt into my face and mouth I tongue her yummy pussy fast and hard. Feelin her pussy tighten around my tongue.
I can hear the other brunette cum loudly as he was fucking her tight pussy from the other room right before the both of them joined me and the blonde woman in the changing room. He sit down next to us on the bench and motioned for me to sit on his cock and he began to fuck me real hard while the blonde is lickin both his balls and my ass. The brunette starts suck on my nipples and bite them makin me scream with the pain but also with the pleasure of his throbbin cock inside me. He got closer and closer to shooting his load but he wanted more fucking first! I climbed off him and the blonde got on all 4s in front of him and he began to fuck her ass hard her tits bouncing with the force of his cock drivin into her. As she licks out my pussy and the brunettes pussy in turn. He knew it wouldnt be long before he shot his load into her ass as she begs for his cock and cum to fill her and with a few hard thrusts of his cock he exploded into her makin her squeal with delight. Pullin his cock out of her ass the brunette immediately sets to work cleanin his cock of all his cum and the blondes ass juices while I get to work lickin and suckin his spunk from her ass.

Satisfied sexually and havin found a new love for pussy we get all get dressed and you leave our dressin room to shower and savour your memories of our changing room antics.

Showered and dressed I get ready to leave when the blond woman turns to me and winks as she says same time next week babe smiling back I tell them I wouldnt miss it for the world!

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