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Jennah's phone sex blog - My night out with Emma - 2010-10-21 21:05:06

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Wow what a night Emma and I had, we both were dressed very sexy, short skirts, hold up stockings, low cut blouses and I had on some strappy stilettos and Emma had on some sexy boots.
We got to the club and ordered our drinks and headed to the dance floor, they played this really sexy music that we just couldnt resist dirty dancing to, so both of us out there shaking and grinding our hips and the next thing I know Emma is grinding herself up against me, I was shocked but liked it all the same so I didn't stop her and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me.
You could see all the men in the club looking at us as we were dancing and grinding on each other, even some of the ladies were checking us out.
It was amazing and I felt so turned on by it actually.
Emma had never acted this way towards me before so it was a bit of a shocker but I've always thought she was incredibly sexy.
So we kept dancing, had a few more drinks and then decided that it was time to head back to my place.
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