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Indian Priya's phone sex blog - My Unexpected Encounter - 2010-08-28 23:32:44

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It was a Saturday night in December at about 8 O'clock while I was doing my university work in front of the TV, the door bell suddenly rang, so I set my books aside and went to the door. I looked through the peep hole and I saw a tall man who looked like the man named Dave from the flat next door, Dave was in his 40's never married and worked as a builder. I put the door chain on and asked, "who is it?" He replied "it's Dave from next door". I then said, "hi Dave, is everything alright" I asked, thinking why is he here? "Yes fine!" he replied, I'm just after your dad's number" he added. Dave sometimes chatted to my dad, when my mom and dad came over to visit me while I was at university, my dad first met Dave outside my flat while he was having a cigarette, my dad was into property development so they had things in common. I never really knew Dave at the time, I only said hello to him once or twice when I saw him on the street. I then released the door chain and asked, "why do you want my dads number", he explained, "your dad asked me to give him a bell if any properties were going on the cheap in the area, but I've lost his number you know, silly me I'd lose my head if wasn't screwed on" he said in a fast raised tone. I thought to myself I've got my dads card in my purse so I can give him that one. I asked Dave to wait while I fetch it for him. "You're a diamond" he said as I walked away. I returned with the card and gave it to Dave. He then asked me if my central heating timer had been sorted out which my dad was trying to sort out for me when my mom and dad came down on one visit. My dad must have mentioned it to him, I said to Dave it was working but it didn't come on automatically in the mornings. Dave immediately said, "I'll have a look at it for you love, we can't have that happening to you sweetheart", he went on assuring me by saying, "your dad did ask me to keep a look out for you love", I didn't want to sound rude so I allowed him to look at the timer, I asked him to set it so that it came on 6 O'clock every morning if possible. Dave went into the kitchen and started looking at the timer and explained to me how it all worked, he started pressing the buttons and turning the knobs around which were making clicking noises, I thought to myself he probably knows what he is doing, he is a builder after all and hopefully my timer should be sorted out. It was taking a bit of time and after a while Dave went quiet and started to give me groping looks, he also started to get closer to me, at one time he nearly brushed passed me to get to the timer manual which I put near the sink for him to have a look at if he needed it. Dave was a big guy so I didn't know what to say or how to take him. He then asked if he could use the toilet and made a comment, "this pipe always plays up in the cold weather you know" and laughed, I didn't know what he was talking about because there were no pipes near the timer. So I assumed he made a funny comment about him needing the toilet. I smiled and showed him the toilet, minutes later I heard the toilet flush, the toilet was opposite the kitchen, I heard the door unlock and then open, I looked over and saw Dave standing in the door way with his trousers and union jack printed boxers at his ankles, his big penis was sticking up fully erected with his balls dangling below...

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