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Mistress jodie!'s phone sex blog - My Useless Slave......... - 2010-08-22 05:42:08

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I once had a very special slave who amused me greatly.He was my favorite for quite a long time.For some reason this pathetic lil thing decided he was no longer owned by me and asked to serve another mistress,How dare he take it upon himself without asking permission to be released from our agreement serve another mistress.He knows i am not amused. little misdemeanors are forgiven quite quickly.this will not be. I will make the useless slave pay in the worst possible way for presuming he can do what he wants.
I am not a nasty mistress,as my boys know and a message asking but preferably begging to be allowed to use another mistress w3hile i was away would have been given a lot of thought and with various understandings on the part of my property i would hve agreed.
But no this useless slave has violated my trust in the worst possible way and needs punishing severly.
Let this be a warning to the rest of you.Your mistress is extremely pissed off.
For my loyal slaves,cum sluts,pain sluts and cissys i think you should mail me with ideas for a suitable punishment for him.I will let you know what i think about them and maybe add a list of punishments that cud be dished out if i feel you deserve them..........
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