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Teen Tiffany's phone sex blog - Cheerleader Fantasy - 2010-08-19 00:52:49

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So I have this fantasy where Im a naughty little cheerleader, whos the captain of the squad. You know the one thats hot, sexy, bubbly, and sweet. The girl that is dating the star quarterback, but everyone wants me anyway. One day me and the boyfriend sneak off to the boys locker room after a long hot sweaty practice and begin to get a bit naughty. I get down on my pretty little knees and unzip his pants, pulling them down, to reveal a massive erection. Eagerly I begin to tease his cock with my tongue, licking it up and down its length, then sliding it into my perfectly glossed plump lips. I start to pump it in and out of my hot wet mouth enjoying its girth and hardness. Glancing up I notice the coach standing there by the doorway with a strict look on his face. He yells at my boyfriend to go do 50 laps around the gym, and then when my boyfriend is gone he comes over to me and begins to lecture me. He tells me if I want to remain the cheerleading captain, I better please him very well.
mMm, do you wanna be the coach in my dirty little fantasy? Give me a call.
I would love to get off with you.
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