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Cum 4 Charlie's phone sex blog - Birthday Bus - 2010-08-15 17:59:34

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I was out with a few of my girlfriends this weekend and we had some great laughs but most of all we had some great fucks!!
The weekend started when we all met in our local pub for a few beers before we went to the restaurant for a meal, celebrating a friends birthday, from there we were going on a birthday bus around Dundee and then down to Edinburgh. At the meal a couple of the girls suggested that we set up a "dare box" where if we dont finish any of our drinks or dont do something on the task card we were to be set a dare! it sounded like a good idea that turned into a fab idea!! In Dundee we were in our 5th pub and two of the girls left without finishing thier drinks so they were set a dare of flashin any part of thier body, sexual of course, out the bus window! not wanting to be the first to not do it one pulled up her skirt to reveal her perfectly shaven snatch and pert ass and pressed it against the window of the bus. the other girl not wanting to be seen to be a chicken took out her firm but large tits and again pressed them against the window. seeing both these girls sexy bodies turned me on and my pussy began to dribble and soon my panties were wet! on board the bus on the way to Edinburgh we were all getin more and more wasted and our inhibitions left each one of us untill we didnt have a care in the world! by the time we had danced the night away and had taken men into the toilets and fucked them and taken our turns with the only lesbian in the party we returned to bus with cum drippin down our legs and the taste of many many men in our mouths. we had a long journey back to Aberdeen and we needed a way to entertain ourselves so a couple of the girls started to do a strip tease while touchin each others tits and wet tight pussies and allowing thier tongues to caress each others mouths. in the seat behind me i could hear one of the girls wanking herself and her little moans of pleasure was just too much for me and soon i was in the seat with her my head buried between her legs lickin and sucking her sweet pussy, tasting not just her but the spunk of the men she had fucked earlier in the night. god she tasted to good. a few of the other girls were kissing and touching each other in seats around us and hearing their sweet muffled moans of pleasure just made me want to eat this tender snatch untill it was dry. i was also begging to be fucked and i didnt have to wait long for that to happen, the driver of the bus had taken us into a layby and had started to slowly wank himself at the sight that was before him. he could no longer take it and he knew he was going to have to do something about it and he took me hard from behind deep into my ass and fucked me untill he filled me overflowing with his cum, as one girl took his cum covered cock into her mouth and sucked his cock another used her tongue on his balls untill he was hard again. the girl i was licking out, lorrain, wanted to return the favour making her cum again and again so licked my ass and my pussy drinkin the drivers cum from my ass and drinking it greedily. i could feel her moan and groan as her tongue worked magic inside me. i took bev's hand and begged her to sit on my face so i could taste her, bev was more reserved than the rest of us and was not sure about the whole girly thing but only a few seconds on my face and she was begging for more.
In the layby there were a few truckers sleeping nearby that was awoken by the screams of us all cumin and came to investigate. the first to arrive was a very handsome young guy who was so shocked but aroused at the scene in front of him that he wasted no time in getting in on the action and was soon licking pussy and and fucking asses and pussy as fast as he could. soon his spunk was shot over 3 girls, on thier faces, tits and ass. the second trucker to arrive also spent no time in getting on the action and took bevs ass and fucked her so hard the whole bus was shaking and she was screaming so loud that another 4 truckers came to see what was goin on and before we knew what was happening we were all being fucked by guys and girls were licking pussy and fingering pussy and ass. there was so much cum on board that bus that we were delerious with one cum after another. i fucked 3 guys several times in every hole i have untill my body could not take any more and i was not alone! we all slept on the bus that night and woke the following morning to gentle moans as the truckers had returned for another session, gary, one of the truckers, had taken quite a shine to me and took me back to his truck for a little one on one action where he licked the cum from my ass and cunt and fucked me so hard i thought i was gonna explode! he wanted a little more fun with me so invited another trucker to join us, it was there that i was spit roasted with a cock in my mouth and my pussy, i was so wet and eager to please both men that sucked so hard i was gaggin on his cock and pushed so hard onto the others cock that he had to force his cock deeper into me. soon both cocks exploded into me and it was there that i thought the fun would end but the guys had other ideas and started to kiss each other and soon they were fucking in front of me as i was licking thier asses and sucking on thier balls. untill they were totaly spent!

What a weekend i had and now i cant wait for the next birthday bus!!
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