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Naughty Naomi's phone sex blog - "What A Night" - 2010-08-08 23:17:10

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Well what a night I had !! I can't believe my LUCK !!!!!!

I was totally stripped off in my lounge and had the attentions of 4 men on me, giving me a good seeing too and a good groping where a woman would liket to be licked and groped.

Of course I had my hands all over their body and theirs all over mine, I don't think I had enough hands !!!

I didn't really know which way to turn with all the naked bodies around and giving me the time of my life.

Sexy they were too, different ages and ummm lets say , quite well-endowed to say the least.

As I was gasping for breath they bloody well carried on and wore me out, haven't had a session like that before.

But definately cant wait until the next time. X
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