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Nympho Crystal's phone sex blog - I think these traits are part and parcel for any woman who wants to lay claim to the title of slut. - 2010-08-08 23:08:43

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**Self Confidence: If you lack confidence in yourself and your ability to engage others sexually, youre going to have problems being a successful slut. It is quite possible to act slutty and lack self confidence, yes. In fact, many who slut around indiscriminately and unsafely do so specifically because they lack self confidence  they just fuck around in an attempt to find appreciation or love missing from their lives (which is unhealthy). Todays slut loves, appreciates, and understands herself in every way and is comfortable in her role as a slut, however.

**Open Mindedness: Todays slut is open minded  open to new experiences, new ways of thinking about themselves and sexuality, and open to exploration of new concepts and techniques. When someone suggests they try X, she doesnt outright reject it without due consideration.

**Fashion Sense: Todays slut knows how to dress the part  how to dress in a sexually enhancing and suggestive way without appearing to be skanky or trashy (unless the situation calls for it). Simple things like wearing no underwear to make it easier to engage in a sexual liaison define the sluts choice of attire, whereas the visible thong above jeans appears more skanky than sluttish to most people. Learning these nuances and how to use them is essential to the art of sluttitude.

**Knowledge of sexual techniques & creativity: Todays slut is knowledgeable regarding a wide range of sexual techniques and skills, to include everything from advanced oral sex skills, to ass play, to how to engage in rough play safely. The slut needs to know how to do more than just suck a cock and fuck in a couple of positions.

**Enthusiasm for Sex: You cannot be a slut and lack enthusiasm for sex  it just doesnt compute. In fact, perhaps no other single skill or trait is more important to slutdom than having an enthusiastic love of sexual performance and allowing it to shine during sex with a partner.

**Ability to Communicate: This might be an expansion of the concept articulated by the original authors, but it is a critical skill to have. A slut needs to be able to communicate with partners and potential partners about and during sex. That includes, for example, knowing sexual terminology (including when and when not to use certain words), understanding and applying the concept of mutually informed consent, and understanding body language during the sex act. A slut will know how to read a partners physical responses to what shes doing and know how to modify her techniques and approaches to adapt to her partners needs. The slut must recognize that each persons sexual proclivities are unique and that some adaptation might be necessary to please a partner, and be willing and able to accept instruction from a partner and learning from it without allowing it to bruise her ego. The slut must also understand that sex between two or more individuals must be consensual, based on a full knowledge and understanding of the facts, and would not take advantage of someone who is not in a position to give consent freely.

**Ability to separate sex and emotion: The slut must be able to distinguish between sex and emotion; able to enjoy the physical aspects of the sex act without becoming emotionally involved. In fact, if you are unable to separate emotional connectivity and sex, youll likely have problems achieving slutdom as it is commonly understood. This doesnt preclude the slut from becoming emotionally attached to any specific individual, however.

**Robust understanding of sexual psychology, seduction, enticement, etc.: The slut must understand how human sexual psychology works, why it works, and how to apply the concepts of flirting, enticement, seduction, etc., to achieve a sexual goal. The slut should be able to convince anyone to join her in the bedroom (whether that be through brute sexual compulsion or suave, seductive enticement).

**Willingness to perform; sexual availability; promiscuity: Though not expected to be available 24/7 to serve others sexually, a true slut must be sexually available the majority of the time, willing to engage in sex at the drop of a hat, and willing to take advantage of an opportunity to engage another person sexually, even initiating the sex act herself if she is so moved. If youre monogamous and do not engage in sex outside a single committed partner, its going to be hard to convince others that you are indeed a slut. You may engage in slutty behavior with that one person, but the very root of the concept of slutdom is promiscuity; monogamy is the antithesis of promiscuity.

**Knowledge and application of safe sex & hygiene techniques: Todays slut is a clean and safe slut. She engages in safe sex play, gets tested periodically, and carries the appropriate protective items with her since she never knows when a sexual opportunity will arise. Her personal hygiene is such that partners enjoy being intimately intertwined with her.

**Knowledge that her sexuality is power; knows how to use it; isnt afraid to use it: Todays slut understands the nature of female sexual energy and power and knows how to use it to her advantage to find and seduce partners. Shes not scared of the energy and not afraid to use it when it is to her benefit or advantage.

**Discretion: Todays slut knows when it is appropriate to act and behave like a slut, and when its not. The sluts overt sexuality shouldnt be displayed in situations where young children are present, for example. The intelligent slut will know how to turn a boring outing or event into one rife with sexual tension and use that to her advantage, however, and will know that it is perfectly acceptable to take her partner into a family bathroom for a quickie if the situation presents itself.

**Bisexuality/Pansexuality: Though I dont think it is essential to be bi or pansexual to be a slut, it certainly helps. If youre able and willing to fuck anyone regardless of gender, your pool of potential partners doubles at a minimum. A true slut, in my opinion, would enjoy sexual exploration with any other human being for the sake of a new experience.

****Now, you could make the argument that all of these skills are necessary in any sexual relationship, and you might be right to an extent. The single largest difference between a typical sexual relationship and slutdom involves promiscuity, and that is why I made the point about promiscuity being a requirement for true slutdom in the skill definitions above.****

**So thats my list of essential skills for the modern slut.**

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