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Downunder Babe's phone sex blog - Love you UK boys - 2010-08-07 04:46:07

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I love the naughtiness of you guys and the fact that you guys are waking up with boners around my dinner time, or I could be in my bed talking to you when you are having lunch or morning tea (depends on how late I get to bed). You guys are 13 hours behind my time here in New Zealand. I love it too when a caller doesn't presume I am a mindreader and gives me a bit of imput into what he would like in his call. Some things would turn one person on and turn off another even though they might like the same kind of fetish or fantasy. I like to cater to the individuality of each caller as you are all special and unique. I love to do this to let off steam too and be the bitch I am and the sweet lady I can be too....
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