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naughtynaughty's phone sex blog - I went to the club this weekend - 2010-06-22 23:45:27

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I am a member of a swingers club in San Bernadino. A boy toy of mine wanted to go and see what it was all about so I took him Saturday night. Friday nights you can't sleep over and I was thinking hammered or not after an evening at the club he wasn't going to want to drive for an hour at 4am which is when the club usually winds down.

We had a great time! When we first got there we had to do the tour. I have been on it severtal times because every time a new person comes they have to do the tour and sign the release forms and all. We got there fairly early, just a half hour after they opened but still in the back there were a few couples who had paired off early and were getting theirs in. After the tour we threw most of our stuff in the locker and went to play in the nightclub section of the club. That is where the bar, the dancefloor, the DJ, the buffet, and the stripper poles are. I did a couple of numbers for him on the pole. I gained a very appreciative audience at that point and had my choice of couples at that point. I opted to have another drink and hit the smoking patio to cool off. Three of the five or six couples who had been talking to "Toy" (he asked me not to use his name at all at the club or in this blog entry so I shall just call him "Toy") decided to go out there with us. This one couple that looked like an ad for toothpaste, or Southern California living or something were the one's that I had my eye on and I am pretty sure they already knew it. Though the other two couples were hot too I have always had a thing for blondes with big tits and M had a hell of a set!
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