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alisha lips's phone sex blog - sorry 4 my absence.... will speak soon though..... - 2010-06-21 14:05:15

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sorry i aint been around lately but i have moved house... n was supposed 2 have phone n net reconnected on day i moved... as i explained 2 the very sexy... engineer guy i needed it.... for my work.... but out-with his control the connection was not made... and after explaining how disappointed i was he apologeticly asked if there was any thing he could do 2 make me feel better bout the situation... i explained my work satisfied my hornyness so unless he could bend me from behind over my new stairs n enter my very wet pussy with his rageing hard cock... forceing it past my very wet but very tight pussy lips n deep in 2 me... holding my hips as he fucks me like the dirty little cock tease i am... then he mite as well go... cause there was nothing more he could do 4 me... well not suprisingly the next min i was bending over... with my little tight ass in the air as he ran his finger tips up n down the edge of my moist white lacy panties... as he lowerd his pants 2 the floor pulling my pants 2 1 side n taking his hard cock started slapping his helmet off my dripping wet pussy 1 min 2 raming it deep in side me the next min.... n as he fucked me hard telling me what a dirty horny little cock tease i was.... he also said how glad he diddnt let his mate,,, take this job,,, lol look what he fucking missing then he cum all over my tight wet ass... mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm that was real good..... but that was days ago n i was horny again within hours of him leaveing n still no connection but will b bk v,v,v,soon.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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