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alisha lips's phone sex blog - i like u 2 watch me x x x - 2010-05-29 03:54:51

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hi there i am wearing, white panties, with a shirt on that stops just at bottom of white panties,no bra, only 1 button done exposing my tanned firm titties 32dd just a bit, nipples hard, lying down on a big fluffy blanket, start touching my self,,, slow but firm, v,wet,n,tight.... rubbing bit faster,using my fingers 2 collect all my juices.... up 2 my clit,,, mmmmm rubbin faster.... n harder,,,, mmmmm that goooood.... v,horny....gonna have 2 finger fcuk myself till.... i cum all over myself.... u want 2 hear me.... it felt amazing....... ooooooooooooo fuck here it comes....... keep rubbin faster harder..... oh my god, that so fucking releaving..... n felt amazing,,,,,,, cum lissen 2 me finger fuck myself.....
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