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alisha lips's phone sex blog - my horny lover - 2010-05-24 11:08:20

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as i was takin a shower... in my bathroom that is totally mirrored... my lover enterd the bathroom... which i had lit with candles... knaked... he climed in 2 my bath... were i was standing under my hot shower... were i had mins b4 hand started playin with my self... as i watched myself in mirrors.... he seemed really horny n very hard... he said he had been thinking bout doing stuff 2 me all day... once under the hot shower with me he began touchin me runninhis hands slowley over my hot wet nipples down over my soft petite wet pussy gentle strokeing my clit... he pushed me down towards his big hard cock he wanted me 2 go down 2 my knees... were he took his raging cock... n slipped it in my mouth... so i began lickin round n round his cock-helmet,very slowly with the tip of my cold wet tounge slowly gettin a bit faster i started receiving his big hard cock into my mouth... as he tryed not 2 grab my head n fuck his rageing cock hard in 2 my mouth... "but as i teased every inch of his big cock he couldnt resist me no more, n he started v.v.slowly pushing his big cock in my mouth holding each side of my curly dark head of hair with his hands,i was very very horny n wanting fucked so,so,hard all wet as i was pushed further in 2 his cock n i could feel the hot shower water beating hard on 2 my horny body runin down my hard nipples n down my back down my tight... very sexy ass b4 finally dripping off my clit... he pushed me further down on his cock till i could lick his balls with my tounge every time he trust his big hard shaft... deep down in 2 my troat as he moaned with pleasure i kept suckin him faster,harder,deeper, i looked up 2 him with my eyes... lookin very sexy n horny... he was watching himself mouth-fucking me in the he told me how much he was gonna fuck me hard in so many diffrent ways that i would be BEGGING him 2 stop... and then he took me by the hair n told me i was a bad bad girl,,, 4 teasing him this way,,, n he would show my little cock teasein pussy n ass... a lesson... 4 turning him on like with his hand gripping my hair hard at top of my head... he held me in frount of his squrting hard rageing cock... leaveing just his helmet in anothe 4 me 2 receive his cum... makin sure i take it all... he told me 2 swallow... as i aint 100% keen...2 do so he told me 2 fuckin swallow NOW... as he slapped my cum dripping lips with his fuckin rager of a cock... i will show u he said u fucking tease.... telling me he was gonna fuck me as if he was paying 2 fuck me... in any way he wanted... after... i had swallowed all his cum... n he was satisfied i had done so by raming his cock all way down my troat again... with each trust he would ram it in hard n deep telling me 2 fucking take it all.... he made me turn around,stand-up, n bend over towards the taps.... he told me i was 2 put my hand between my legs... n pleasure him by playin with my-self... but as i done as i was told i looked in the mirror at side of me... n noticed he had something in his hand... something shiney n long... n as i looked in mirror in front of my head still bent over playin with my self...faster n harder at his demands which he was shoutin, rub ur fuckin pussy,, rub it fuckin hard, harder,faster n he slapped me hard on my wet bare ass... i let out a scream... n then out of the blue he stuck the big,long,shiny, thing up my ass very fast n very hard... shoutin keep fuckin rubbing ur self dont stop or else... i could see him in mirrors enjoyin every second of it... raming it in 2 my bum.... harder,faster,fucking my bum tellin me how he told me he was gonna show me... he trust it in and out,faster n harder, fucking me up my bum with it n when i asked him no more plz,,, he told me 2 do as i was told he then handed the long thing 2 me n told me 2 stick it in my pussy NOW... n as i did he rammed his had rageing cock up my ass... n told me 2 keep fuckin my pussy with it he rammed his cock in so fast n hard... the told me after 10 mins or so of fucking me with all his might... telling me i fuckin love it didnt i... n as i do as i am told a sreamed with pleasure tellin him i how much i loved him fuckin me harder n faster... he told me 2 step out of shower n stand in front of the mirror.... bent over bath 2 wait 4 once he got out of bath he continued on 2 bend me over bath were he rammed my wet pussy wiyh his big hard cock,,,, shouting how he was gonna make me scream,, n he was gona show me n teach me not 2 fucking cock tease him as he held my head down with one hand... n stuck his hard rageing cock in ,deep,in 2 my horny,little,tight, pussy n fucked me harder n faster, faster n harder,,,, he fucked me, in n out,in n out till i screamed... with did he all over my ass n pussy.... mmmmmmm he then was satisfied,,,, as was i,,,, "but now as i am writing this for u... 2 read i have got all wet n horny again... but no 1 around 2 help me fuck me... so if u not busy... cum tell me how u gonna fuck me raw n hard... x x x love alisha x x x
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