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Lovely Lorelei's phone sex blog - Sniveling Wimps Look No Further.... - 2010-01-25 21:06:04

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Are you a pitiful,no nothing excuse for a man? A pencil dick with nothing but an overgrown clit for a cock? Balls the size of grapes? I bet when you cum a couple of drops that wouldn't fill an eyedropper dribble out....A sniveling wimp that craves my laughter and belittlement? Then look no further,I'm happy to shame you for the worm you are....The other day I had one of you tiny dick losers call me and I actually made him cry. Needless to say I was laughing as he did. One tiny dicked worm I've spoken to,his girlfriend left him since he was sooooooooooo small,she told him if his sperm was examined,it would likely be defective-"a genetic dead end". I thought that was hilarious! I can see you now,masturbating with your thumb and your forefinger,since there isn't enough to grab in your hand.Sad......
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