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BB Dirty Sam's phone sex blog - One for the calls... - 2010-01-10 01:31:30

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I was so horny when I woke up this morning, got out of bed went for a shower thought it would take my mind off my pussy a little, but it didnt. I dried myself off and started to moisturize my skin as I always do but I couldnt ignore my pulsating pussy and my thoughts drifted to you guys& the chats we have and how much I get turned on by our conversations. My pussy was at this point so wet I could feel my juices all around the tops of my legs. I reached for my vibrator and lay on my bed, I lay on my back with my legs wide open, I could feel the air from the open window on my skin and I started to stroke my pussy with the vibrator. It wasnt long before I gently pushed the vibrator into my pussy, pushing it deep, as deep as it could go. I turned the power up and started to move it in and out as I squirmed and moaned around my bed. My juices where flowing and my mind was full of thoughts about you guys and how one by one you came to my bed and licked, sucked and fucked me for real. I then took the vibrator out of my pussy and held it directly against my clit, within seconds I came& I came again and again. It was amazing xxx

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