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BB Dirty Sam's phone sex blog - Saturday's Post - 2009-11-28 17:39:08

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Had a late night Friday night, and was hoping for a lay in this morning but oh no, other people had other ideas!!! 9:20 this morning the door bell goes, I put my head under the covers and pretend I didnt hear it!!! Not a cats chance! Rang again aaah i screamed, jumped out of bed ran downstairs went to answer the door then it dawned on me... shit i've got nothing on, oh dam... door goes again, so i open the door slightly, trying to hide myself behind it and realise then its the
postman, the postman with a large box in his arms... "ere got this for you luv" he mutters and then pushes the door open and i'm there like trying to take the parcel and cover myself up at the same time, then he says with a kinda glint in his eye.. "your gonna have to sign for it"... I am??? err okay give me a mo, so i turn round to put the parcel down thinking oh my god he has full view of my arse and pussy, oh shit! He then...
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