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Ass Fuck Ashlee's phone sex blog - My Master n I - 2009-11-04 14:14:25

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I waited. I was kneeling by the front door, naked, head down, legs spread slightly, hand clasped behind my back. My body ached. I had been kneeling for five hours. Master had left instruction for me to wait. To do my chores and then wait. So I waited.

My legs, arms and neck ached, the muscles in my legs and arms quivered uncontrollably. They screamed at me to move. My breath was coming hard and fast. Despite the pain, my body was wet, dripping down my thighs.

The clock down the hall chimed the hour, one o'clock. My pulse raced. Master would either be home for lunch in a few minutes or in another four hours. The clock ticked and I strained to listen for the car to pull up the drive. I had just given up hoping when I heard the car. My breath caught in my chest when I heard a door slam, followed by the sound of Master's boots on the steps leading up to the door, the familiar jingle of his keys. My eyes closed, waiting.

The door opened, and He walked in. Keeping my head bowed, as ordered, I only saw His boots and part of the gray slacks I had ironed yesterday. Waiting for Him to acknowledge me, my arms and legs stilled. My whole body waited for His voice.

"My pet, how are you today?" He asked as He set His keys on the hall table. I did not speak, nor move. I continued to wait.

"Good, my pet. After yesterday festivities I expected you speak." There was a pause. "You may speak now."

I wanted to look up at Him.

"Thank you Sir. I am well today Sir. May I inquire as to how you have been today, my Master?"

He laughed before His knees and thighs came into view. Fingers gently touched my chin, raising my head to meet the gaze of His beautiful honey-brown eyes. I smiled and blushed, the feeling of love welling up inside me. He leaned forward and kissed me. My Master's mouth was pure heaven. I moaned just from the chaste kiss he placed upon my lips.

"Can you stand my pet?" He whispered softly in my ear. His hand was running soothingly down my back, His other gripping my arm. I honestly didn't think I would be able to stand on my own for days. But that is not something that you say to your Master.

"I can only try for you Master," I managed to whisper; I shifted to raise my leg in preparation to stand. My legs quivered and shook. I knew I wouldn't be able to support myself without assistance. I tried none-the-less. I clenched my teeth and all my breath whooshed out in a hiss as my body was assailed with intense pain.

Leaning forward until His lips touched my ear, He whispered.

"You've only been my slave for three days Belle; it's alright for you to admit to the pain. Or to ask for help." I finally stop holding back and feel the pain. And before I could stop myself I was crying, on my ass, huddled in on myself. I couldn't think, I could barely breathe. It must have only been a few minutes that I sat there like that, but it felt like hours. Slowly, the tears subsided, leaving me feeling weak and my face damp. Without warning, His arms were around me, holding me gently. Then there was the sensation of the cool air caressing my skin as he lifted me and carried my limp body down the hallway, to the back of the house, to Master's, or should I say our?, bedroom. Holding me gently with one hand, He pulled back the black silk comforter before setting me down on my side on top of the cool silk and feather-soft pillows. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as peace and love enveloped me.

I felt the bed dip behind me. I smiled, knowing that He was coming in from behind to hold me. He pulled the duvet cover over is both before wrapping His arms around me, His Armani suit caressing my still naked flesh. I move my lower extremities away from His, not wanting to stain the suit with the juices still seeping from my underused and underfucked cunt. His grip on me tightens and He angrily asks as to why I moved away from Him. Once I explain, His hand immediately seeks my pussy and glides through the wetness before even nearing my pussy.

Chuckling, He praises me. "So pain does equal pleasure for you, my little whore? That's very good then." His finger closes around my nipple and squeezes and twists and pulls until I cry out and beg for Him to stop, for the love of the Gods to please stop! Amazingly, he complies.

"I do not have to return to work today, my pet. If I asked you what you wanted to do today, not as Master and slave, but as the couple that we are, what would you wish to do?"

I thought about it long and hard before I answered. "I would ask that we stay in this bed, just like this, maybe with your clothes off and slept," I yawned, "I truly wish to sleep." I closed my eyes and snuggled in closer.

He kissed my neck and whispered, "Then so it shall be."

As I was drifting off to sleep, I uttered one simple phrase, "I love you Sir" and not knowing if He heard me or not, let sleep overwhelm me.

Maybe I dreamed it, I'll never know, but I believe Master replied. "I love you too, my pet."
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