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Submissive Leah's phone sex blog - Punishment For Pleasure - 2009-11-04 14:09:41

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I was bored. My Master was still at work, I had finished all my chores and it was too early to start dinner. And to top if off, I was as horny as a bitch in heat. So, against my better judgment and Master's strict rules, I made my way to our bedroom for a little naughty fun with the toys.

I stripped off what little clothing I had on and brought out the goodies. I had my trusty vibrator, clover clamps, and a medium size butt plug. Laying them all out, I grabbed the lube from the bathroom and I was ready to go.

Taking a little lube, I coated the butt plug, then I worked it into my tight brown hole. Once in, I sighed with pleasure at the fullness as a surge of wetness followed in my pussy. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I wiggled around and enjoyed the feel of the butt plug moving inside of me.

Next, I grabbed the clover clamps. Taking a nipple between forefinger and thumb, I rolled and tugged until my rising desire made it rock hard. Taking a deep breath, I clamped it on my aching nipple. My breath rushed out of me as pain exploded from my nipple, filling my body with its power. A fiery path burned bright from my clamped nipple to my pussy, then the rush past and the pain dulled.

I went to my other nipple, repeating the experience, still thrilled at the rush it brought with it every time. No matter how many times I have it done to me, I'm still surprised at the rush of thrilling pain and the surge of wetness that always follows in my pussy. As the first wave of pain passed, I tugged on the connected chain, causing a fresh wave of pain to fill me and leaving me even hornier.

With one last wiggle and tug, I grabbed my vibrator. I turned it on high and pressed it hard in to my acing desire and I rubbed around my throbbing clit. I could feel myself leaking my womanly juices all over the clean bed sheets. I plunged it deep into my love hole, fucking myself wildly, listening with awe at the slippery noises I made. I went faster, alternating between fucking myself wildly, circling my clit, and tugging on the clamps. I became so caught up on my over whelming sensations, that all thoughts of Master and the consequences of my actions escaped into the bliss of my lust.

I felt myself edging closer to the climax I craved. I closed my eyes and tensed my body, willing myself to fall. When I fell, I fell hard; jerking about I cried out my pleasure. My legs clinched, trapping the vibrator and butt plug deep inside my lower holes. I rode the waves, one after another, soaring high and then with a sigh I sank into the softness of my release. I turned off the vibrator and just laid there, slowly coming back to myself.

"I hope you enjoyed that my little slut because that is the last one you are going to get for a long time."

I froze. My Master's angry words filled me with dread. Slowly, reluctantly, I opened my eyes to see him filling the doorway. Anger and disappointment were reflected in his eyes as I looked at him.

"You have been a very bad girl. You disappoint me, little one. I thought I had taught you better. This is my fault as well. You still lack discipline and I must teach you to be better so this will not happen again. You do want to be my good girl, don't you?" Master peered at me with his intense eyes, making me feel deep regret at my misbehavior.

"of course I do Master. I'm so sorry." I felt tears beginning to form and I quickly blinked them away. I knew they would not help me.

"I know you are, how else are you going to learn that I don't make the rules just so you can break them at will." He paused and looked deep into my tear stained eyes before giving me my first instructions. "Take out the vibrator and butt plug , then get on your knees and elbows on the edge of the bed on your side."

I took out the vibrator and the butt plug, wincing at the pain my movements caused my nipples. I placed them on the bed as I crawled into the desired positions. The light reflected off the glistening still on the vibrator as I waited for my punishment...

I waited, holding my breath, unsure of what Master was going to do to me. But I knew that I deserved whatever he gave me. I knew the rules and I knowingly broke them and got caught in the act. On my knees and elbows, I waited for Master to hand out my deserved punishment.

I heard him moving about the room, picking up and putting down objects. I remained still, keeping my ass an open target for Master. I watched as Master stepped up to the bed with the leather blindfold in his hands. He threw it at me and it landed beside my hands.

"Put it own." He turned without seeing if I obeyed, but he knew I would. I quickly slid it on and covered my eyes. My world was now dark, leaving me in suspense as to what my Master would use of me.

I tried to control my breathing, but panic was beginning to set in. I knew Master would never truly harm me, hurt me yes, but never would he put me in harms way. But what was he waiting for? Why isn't he starting yet? My clamped nipples shocked me out of my growing doubt as the clover clamps, still doing their work, ached as a shudder of fear raced through me for a few endless seconds.

I cried out in agony as the first fiery stripe across my ass filled my dark world. Two more quickly followed, leaving me gasping as the pain raced from my abused ass to fill my entire body.

"Count them little slut. You will receive twenty from three different objects. Those first three were just to get your attention. Now count."

He hit me again, hard, at the tender spot where ass meets thigh. I yelped and them replied, "One Master."

And so it had begun. I counted as Master hit me from between my shoulder blades, my ass, my thighs, and my calves. By the time I said twenty my backside was flaming, burning with long fiery stripes. Tears were falling, sliding away from under my blindfold and dripping down my chin.

I felt Master wipe a few tears away. "You're doing well. Only forty more to go." I groaned at the thought that I was only a third of a way into my punishment. Master gave my clamped nipples a slight tug. I shrieked. I heard him chuckle as he moved around the room. I listened to his footsteps and when they stopped, I tensed.

When the first blow fell, I knew it was the wooden paddle. The first object had left long stripes of pain in is wake; the paddle warmed a wide circular area, leaving my poor ass throbbing. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit for a while after this.

"One Master," I croaked out. After twenty swats from the paddle, both ass checks as well as the back of my thighs felt hot, swollen and extremely tender. Master gently rubbed a hand over one cheek then the other, making me hiss in pain. I was sobbing, my breaths coming I and out fast, pain was my only companion at the moment. It had taken me all of my self-control to remain in position as the blows feel. All I really wanted to do was fall flat on the bed and curl into a fetal position and cry.

"Roll over onto your back for the last twenty." I slowly, painfully, reluctantly obeyed. I held myself very still as I laid on my painful abused backside. I felt Master give a sharp tug on the clamps. I moaned in pain, clenching my teeth together as I waited for the one of may pains to pass.

"Next time you will not be so tempted by your own selfish desires, will you?" he removed the clamps. Blood rushed back into the once flatted nipples.

"No Master!" I cried out as the new pain filled my senses. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!" Oh God that always hurts so much.

"I came home early to surprise you and reward you for being such a good girl lately. I see that my reward was premature." Hearing him and knowing how badly I had disappointed him made the punishment seem light compared to the ached I felt in my soul. He knew me as well as I did myself that I would punish myself long after he had forgiven me and the punishment had ended. I can be harder on myself then my Master can. I want to do well, but sometimes it was just so hard.

"Spread your legs and lay your hands out by your side, palm up." I did as instructed and waited for the last of my punishment to take place.

The first blow fell right between my swollen pussy lips catching my hard clit. I felt as if my clit had been hit by lightening. I screamed and jerked, closing my legs in reflex as the pain over took me.

I took a deep breath and re-opened my legs. "One Master."

Five more blows fell on my raging pussy- the lips, my clit; all were washed in painful fires that threaten to consume me alive. Ten blows fell on my already swollen and sore breast and nipples. The last for took me surprise and robed me of my breath. Two fiery painful striped fell across both palms. Master had never hit me there before and the pain was new and unexpected.

"Twenty Master," I whispered as my body rocked and shuddered from my sobs and the intense pain.

Master removed my blindfold and wiped my face with a cool washcloth, cooling my face and wiping away my tears. He smiled gently down at me.

"Very good, little one. Rest now and I will take care of my little girl." Slowly I began to regain my normal breathing. Remaining still allowed me to gain some control over the pain. After Master finished putting away all the objects- a paddle, the bamboo cane, and a single tail, he joined me in bed.

I rolled onto my side and buried my head against his neck, inhaling his unique scent. Gently Master wrapped his arms around me and held me till I fell into an exhausted slumber. Master had forgiven me...

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