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Irish Aisling's phone sex blog - Halloween makes guys extra hard? - 2009-11-03 18:30:36

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Is there something about the day after Halloween that makes cocks get harder than usual? Yesterday I had such a busy day making so many of you soft again. Perhaps all those sexy uniforms that hot, beautiful young babes were wearing on Halloween night drove you all crazy?

On my travels on Saturday I seen tons of naughty schoolgirls; a wealth of raunchy nurses; a hot nun or two (usually no surprise in Ireland but wearing stockings?!); three maids willing and ready to serve; one cowgirl looking for a ride and a vampire looking for something to suck on.

I have spoken to some of my callers about this and the less young guys can remember a time when Halloween wasnt about sexy costumes and more true to the spirit of the festival. How times have changed and I dont think I have come across one guy that complains about it.

So many girls on Saturday night left very little to the imagination. All those uncovered boobs and nylon-covered legs, I am not surprised there was so much pent-up frustration in the nations balls. And I was only too happy to do my bit yesterday by wanking and sucking and fucking to give relief.

So what did I personally wear on Saturday night? A sexy devil costume! Well it is usually you guys that have the horns for me so I decided to put on some horns myself. I was chatted up by so many guys, only one of them was brave enough to dress up (as an American Indian).
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