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TiffanyPaige's phone sex blog - Whimpering female slut gets the better of my slave - 2009-09-26 11:10:27

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There are some days you just dont feel like working, but needs must. This happened Saturday night after my Tranny Social.

One of todays bookings was a female subbie, wanting an over night session, bloody nuisance if the truth be known, but I cant turn down such an appointment.

Feeding fantasies can dull ones own perceptions at times, especially when your not on top form, to be quite honest, I feel like shit, and a Lemsip and hot toddy would be my idea of a prefect night at the moment., Still back to the crop of current things to do.

I have the guest in the dog cage, in the play room, naked as the day she was born, apart from a poise collar, and leash, she looked quite a pet, little did she know this is where she was to spend the night.

I started my normal bed time routine, by tying my slave to the bed, this has been our ritual now for some months, Gina, my TV Slave is always secured to the bed by her hands and feet, completely naked, and it amazes me how she is still turned on every night. So excited, that her eight inch manhood stands to attention every time. A miracle if you ask me!

I prepare to get into bed with Gina, nice to have a helpless toy next to you, available but only on my terms. I run my hand up the inside of each of her thighs, and kiss the end of his lubricating stiff cock, I know it drives him mad with anticipation.

Before I can even settle, there is a whimpering coming from the next room, the slut will not settle, I get up and reach for the crop, and enter the other room, there the simpering bitch is sucking on one of her ample tits and playing with her cunt with the free hand. Bollocks!

Back to my own bed, and Gina is till there with her erection, as stiff as ever, beats me how it stays hard for so long,

I release the bindings, and instruct Gina to go threaten to face fuck the slut next door and shut her up,

I have a feeling it going to be a case of no rest for the wicked!

Gina returns after about half an hour with the slut in tow, What the fuck are you doing Gina? She looked so pathetic Mistress; came the reply. I fucking hate it when slaves start to think. I get the bitch to kneel in the corner head bent in the slave position, and I get Gina back on the bed, suppressing the desire to thrash the two of them, I tie Gina back to the bed, possibly a little more tightly and a little more stretched. I can only assume this because his cock seemed so much stiffer, and slightly bigger.

The chance of rest at last, I slide next to Gina, having again kissed the tip of his manhood, our little goodnight ritual.

Half an hour later, a feel the bed slightly fuller than when I got in, just like a puppy, the guest slut, had slithered between me and Gina,

Apathy and lack of interest are taking over, I just couldnt give a toss, I need rest, and as I lay next to the naked slut, and the wall, I think Fuck sake leave me be, but I say Why dont you stroke Ginas cock, and play with it all night, see how long you can keep him hard. This was a slightly loaded challenge; Gina normally wilts at the prospect of another womans attentions, but at least it would keep them occupied, and give me a rest.

Little did I realise what was going to happen.

Lying there I could sense the rhythmic rocking of the bed, in time with the sluts hand going up and down, it seemed to go on for ever, sleep, what bloody sleep.

I roll over, and squeeze into the back of the subbie, and lifting my head, I see her hand still stroking Gina, up and down, the tip glistening in the dim light, my intention of some rest is over taken by the fascination of seeing another woman wanking my slave, and him staying so stiff, I start to get excited at seeing this unfold before my very eyes, where will it end, I wonder, and who gets the spunk?

Obviously I can pull rank! Or perhaps feed it to Gina, what shall I do? For now, Ill just enjoy the night, and orchestrate the finale later.

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