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xsteffx's phone sex blog - the spark - 2009-09-19 23:20:35

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my husband has to be away from home quite a lot on work and it so happens this morning the power i the whole house went out this morning just as i was in the middle of a shower so i phoned him and he said he would send one of his sparks over to check it out so tony came over real quick i was still in my bath robe he rang the dore bell my hair was still real wet i let hime in and he wet stright to work the fuse box is right next to our bed room so he went stright to work an i went into the bd room and i felt so horny i thought i must have a we play so the spark was real sexy looking and i was so wet i took out my rabbit and slid it into my wet pussy i was enjoying it next min the bedroom door flew open and tony way standing in the door way he dident even look schocked he never spook he just walked towards the bed and put his hand on my leg if you want to know what happend next call me
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