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Lexi Slut's phone sex blog - What A Night!!!! - 2009-08-04 14:27:15

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It had been a hell of night and now at 4 in the moring with only a few people remaining from my house warming party i was ready to welcome sleep. I went up stairs to my bedroom to find that my bed had already been taken so quietly i changed into my satin nightdress and made my way down stairs to sleep in my spare bedroom. That room was taken too so i crept back to the lounge to sleep on my sofa. I soon fell asleep but the guest in my spare bedroom had woken up with my going in and had the need for water. Creeping past me to the kitchen she was able to glimpse my tits through my nightdress as the moon cast a dim light across them.
Forgeting all about her drink she approached me on the sofa and started to caress my breasts making my nipples hard. Sighing and turning over she gently kissed my lips untill i woke up. She appologised for waking me but i didnt want her to stop!!!
She slid her hand down my thigh and up under my night dress untill she could feel my wet pussy. Gently rubbing my clit till it was hard and swollen with pleasure she eased one finger in my pussy at a time. My body was moving in time with her fucking my pussy. I didnt want this to stop. I begged her to let me taste her and she placed her fingers on my lips motioning me not to speak. I could taste my own pussy on her fingers and i opened my lips to suck my juices off them hungarly.
She took my hand and moved it down to her little white cotton panties where i could feel her wetness comming through them. I was sooo turned on with this and wanted to fuck her right there on the sofa. I rubbed her clit till i made her cum. She took me by the hand and led me to the spare room where her boyfriend was laid sleeping. Climbing onto the bed she kissed me passionatly on my lips and then down my neck to my breasts while i was caressing her breasts with fingers. Her boyfriend moved in his sleep but did not yet wake. Sliding off my nightdress over my head exposing my whole body she slid her hand between my legs and pushed her fingers inside me hard and rough. I let out a loud moan with the intense pleasure. I wanted her to fuck me!!! I did the same back to her and forced my fingers inside her pussy hard and fucked her fast till she came all over my hand. Her boyfriend woke up with the noise and i immediatley jumped onto the huge cock he was wanking. I needed cum inside my pussy. She stood in front of me to allow me to lick her pussy at the same time as her boyfriend fucked my pussy. He turned us both over so that he could fuck our asses at in turn. Feeling that cock inside me was such a turn on!!!! I thought i was gonna explode with pleasure.
Before long we had all exhausted our selves and fell asleep in each other arms.
By the time i woke in the morning they were both gone. Going through to the kitchen to make my morning cuppa i noticed a note saying " Great night!! Will have to come back for these". Beside the note was her panties still smelling of her cum from the night before.
Smiling to myself i walked back to the spare bedroom and opened the cupboard door and took the video from the machine knowing that i could relive last night anytime i wanted. "Good thing i had the secret cam installed" i thought happily to myself.

It was a night i will never forget and i have watched that video many times since but we have also had more fun in person since too!!!!
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