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alishae's phone sex blog - The look on his face when I asked him to fuck me in the ass. - 2009-07-16 00:55:17

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The look on his face when I asked him to fuck me in the ass.

The first time we had sex, it was hard and fast and completely out of control. I'd been so close to guiding his thick cock back to my sensitive rear passage when we both came explosively from the pounding he was giving my pussy, and since then I just knew i wanted to feel the pleasures of him fucking my ass.
Anyway, I'd decided that tonight would be the night, and on the drive home it was all that I could think about.

I told him he was in for a really hot night. He responded by running his hands over my breasts and squeezing them firmly, making my nipples stiffen beneath the thin silk of my shirt. I pushed my tongue into his mouth even more aggressively and grabbed his cock through his pants, squeezing it in my hand as it grew more erect, both of us moaning through our kiss.

When we finally separated long enough to get out of the car and into my flat , it was only minutes before our clothes came flying off. We made our way into my bedroom as our hands roamed over each other's body.

Then I trailed my tongue further down his handsome body, over his taut stomach to his cock, it was hard and pulsing between his legs. I cupped his balls in my palm and delicately licked the tip of his dick, swirling my tongue slowly over the head . I tasted his salty drop of pre-come as it bubbled out and licked my lips

I proceeded to take his whole throbbing shaft into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and took him deep, feeling his cockhead bumping against the back of my throat.

I moaned around his cock, and he sighed deeply . I slid him slowly out of my throat and then sucked him down deep again, fucking him with my face. As his erection slipped past my lips, I massaged him with my tongue, making sure every inch of him was completely slathered with my saliva.
Before he got too close to coming, I pulled him out of my mouth and rubbed my naked body tightly against him as I slid up to kiss him again. I took his hand and brought it to my pussy so he could feel how wet and dripping I was. As I pressed his fingers inside my cunt and proceeded to ride them, fucking them slowly as I sat on his lap, I looked him straight in the eye and said, Baby, I want you to fuck my ass"

His eyes widened and glazed over with an animal-like lust. His expression of wonder, amazement and pure joy mixed with intense sexual desire was priceless. For a moment he was speechless, but once he regained his senses, he simply grabbed me by the asscheeks and flipped me over onto the bed so that I was on my hands and knees, my ass up in the air in lewd invitation.

I was simply thrilled by his eagerness to fulfill my sexual needs.
As he thrusted his steel-like shaft-harder into my tight wet pussy, knowing he was about to fuck my tight asshole. He fucked me good and proper for a few minutes, getting me ready for what I was waiting for so patiently. It was so good to feel him inside me, and my pussy juices coated his cock, making for easy penetration.

Then without asking me if I was ready for him,He grabbed hold of my hips with one hand and with the other he nudged a finger into my tight arse. Immediately I felt a sense of relief as he pressed his digit deeper into my tight opening. It slowly opened and accepted his intrusion .

I pushed my ass back against him, urging his finger deeper into my rear passage, moaning with each thrust of his fingers harder and deeper inside me, opening me wider ready to take his cock.
When I felt his fingers slide out of my ass, I knew that I was only moments away from what I'd been waiting for.

The excitement alone nearly made me come, and as soon as his cockhead began nudging against my asshole and then gradually pushing its way in, pleasure engulfed me. I pressed my ass back against him, helping his cock slide deeper inside, finally filling me up.

With his cock hard in my ass I urged him to fuck me harder, He willingly obliged,and ..................................................................

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