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alishae's phone sex blog - Pleasure At Its Best! - 2009-07-04 05:17:24

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I let out a sigh as your hands move down my thighs, and you push my legs apart. Opening my eyes I watch as you stop, and looking at me, you pull me down to the floor beside you. I lay back, never taking my eyes off you,. You lean over me and kiss my stomach. Licking your way back up to my breasts, taking a nipple between your lips you bite it hard. Making me cry out, passion and lust overpowering me.

Your fingers slide down my thighs feeling their way to my wet pussy, caressing against my slit. My groans grow louder, you laugh and push my legs open wider, rubbing harder against me, I rock against you, wishing that you would only touch my clit, rub it a little. You know me so well, and avoiding my clit, you dip your finger inside me, slowly fucking me.

I raise my butt, giving you easier access to the depths of me, you place another finger inside me rubbing the roof of my pussy with it, fucking me deeper, harder. Moaning, I grind myself against you. You move your kisses down my hot body, longer strokes of the tongue with each inch you move down me, slower and slower, you reach my clit, your fingers expertly working me up to that ecstasy that is so familiar with you.

I feel your hot breath on my wet throbbing pussy, Goosebumps covering my body, my back arches slightly and I let out a sigh, your tongue slides into me, your fingers opening me wider as you taste me. You grab at my ass lifting it higher as you bury your face in my thighs. Alternating between slipping your tongue inside me and sliding it over my rock hard clit you rub your tongue up and down my dripping wet cunt.

You grab my ankles and lift them, opening my legs wider, spreading them apart, so you can watch as you slide three of your fingers inside me. In and out you fuck me, your tongue concentrating on my clit, flicking it over and over, so soft, a contrast to your fucking. I rock harder against you, wanting to feel you deep inside me, you move harder against my clit making me quiver.

I lock my fingers in your hair, pulling you to me, grinding myself against you, your fingers inside me, making me so horny my moans becoming uncontrollably louder. Your tongue rotating and pressing against my clit, I rock against your mouth harder, faster, wanting you to make me cum, so hard, wanting my juices to cover your face.

You thrust your fingers into my pussy. You feel my body shaking as the first wave smashes through my body, I scream and throw my head back, your fingers entwined in my hair, my legs lock around you, holding you to me. You continue to thrust your fingers into me till my juices are all over you, screaming and , my orgasm Slowing, my muscles twitching around you, you lick the last of my cum from out of my pussy
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