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alishae's phone sex blog - I am a good girl who loves to be bad x - 2009-07-02 19:41:38

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I want you to hear the humming of my vibrator as I pleasure myself and stimulate you. I want you to think of me sharing my wonderful toy with you. Preferably while I am in between your thighs, licking your balls and underneath and sucking your powerful cock.

I want to feel your erection in my hand, and mouth beating its gurgling thickness, ready to spray my throat with streams of hot sticky liquid silk. I want to hear you tell me how hot you are, how you want to take me to that exquisite level of pleasure with my toy that is waiting.

I want to hear your body become rigid, your cock stiff, hard like stone, and your growling moans that send me over the edge with just the audible ecstasy of your pleasure.

I want to hear you urging me on, telling me with reassurance, "Yes, Baby-girl, THATS THE WAY TO FUCK!"
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