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Lexi Slut's phone sex blog - Giving Lesbian Sex To Straight Girl - 2009-04-21 13:48:37

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Out with my mates in the town shopping we went into our local coffee shop expecting to get some refreshment but found more than I bargained for. Dressed in her tight shorts her cute ass looked soo sexy as did her firm tits in that little top. My mates sat down and ordered their drinks I was checking out something else though, the hot waiter behind the counter!! I caught his eye and gave one of my seductive smiles and announced that I would go get the order, anything just to be able to talk to him. Bernie, was tall slim and very sexy with her long brunette hair slung over her shoulders and her long sexy legs that just kept going up and up, also caught the sights of the waiter and joined me at the counter. Together we playfully teased him but it was Bernie that got his number.
Back at home that evening Berni and I was laid in Bernie's bed watching a DVD when Bernie's mobile rang... it was the hot waiter!!! We both squealed with excitement. Bernie answered and before long we were both teasing and tempting Joe to come and join them for some fun. Joe, now having a hard cock, agreed to join them and soon he was there ready to enjoy the treats that were on offer.
Berni had ever done anything like this before. Bernie however I knew had thought of these things and more than probably had actually fantasized about doing it!! Joe was tall with a tanned body not one of those really muscular ones but toned and he was ready for what was going to happen, or so he thought.
As Joe came into the bedroom and found both us girls there his cock was throbbing for us both. We began to tease him by kissing and touching each others tits. Bernie Slipped her hand between my legs and feeling my smooth soft skin on my thigh knowing that I wanted more she slowly moved her hand upwards to feel my wetness watching as Joe gently stroked his hard throbbing cock with this pleasure in front of him, I gave little whimper of pleasure. I pushed my hot wet pussy towards Bernie's fingers hoping that she would know that I wanted to feel them inside me. Bernie was wet too just by feeling my juices on her fingers and let her fingers go inside, again I moaned. I grabbed her tits and sucked hard on Bernie's hard nipples and caressed her pert tits. Bernie was on top of me when Joe couldn't take no more and joined the party. He climbed onto the bed kissed up Bernie's legs till he reached her eager wet throbbing pussy that was dripping wet with her juices Joe teased her clit with his tongue she moved in time to every stroke of his tongue and finger fucked me harder. Joe, happy with the response his tongue had made moved up so that he was right behind Bernie and let his hard pulsing cock move between her buttocks and then he took hold of her hips and entered her begging pussy from behind and banged her hard till her pussy tightened and she had an orgasm over his tool.
I was so excited with her newly found lesbian lust and was begging Bernie to fuck me like Joe had just done to Bernie. Bernie was happy to oblige and quickly moved so that she was on top of me but so that they could both taste each other in the 69 position. Harder and harder our fingers fucked each other and we screamed with pleasure. Sophie could taste not only Bernie's juices but the fresh cream that Joe had left behind and I loved every second and begged for more.
As Bernie equipped herself with a range of vibrators Joe moved in between my legs and teased my clit with his fingers and tasting me by licking them. He moved my legs up so that he could fill my pussy with his pleasing cock and entered me slowly, Bernie sat on my face so that all her delicious cum would flow into my mouth as I tongue fucked her while Joe continued to give my pussy attention and pleasure as he fucked me.
I screamed with pleasure as I had orgasm after orgasm.
Excited with the lesbian sex we pushed aside Joe to concentrate on ourselves allowing Joe to watch but not to touch. Together we fingered each others tights pussies not only with our fingers but with the toys that Bernie had brought out earlier. Both of us were in ecstasy with the feel of the others fingers and tongue. I loved the double ended dildo as they rocked their bodies together bringing each other to explosive orgasms knowing that all time that Joe was watching them arch their backs and hearing them scream with their pleasure.
After six hours of hot passionate 3-some and Bernies first-time-lesbian sex we all laid on the bed and vowed that that night would not be the last time they did it!!
Me and Bernie woke early the next morning and questioned each other on regrets, when all was decided that there was no regrets we kissed each other tenderly and before long our bodies were entwined in hot lesbian sex again. This time though we made love on the bed, in shower, in the kitchen and any where else their lesbian lust took them.
Me and Bernie made love like this many more times and every time it was the most incredible sex either of us have ever had.

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